What NGOs are asking to the future EU Parliament?

europe-we-want-concordTwo weeks are left before the election for the renewal of the European parliament. The political debate and the electoral campaign is entering its final phase in all EU countries. The debate focuses mainly on economic issues, on the crisis of confidence in the Euro as common currency and on immigration issues. In many countries the polls are registering a growing popularity of euro-skeptical political parties and movements that are calling for the change of the austerity policies. During the last weeks several NGOs and European civil society organizations are calling the candidates to the European parliament to engage themselves for a fairer Europe.


A specific politically independent campaign called The ‘Europe We Want’ has been launched to encourages a debate on achieving a fairer Europe at home and abroad at the upcoming European Parliament elections on 22-25 May 2014. The campaign was set up in April 2014 by a broad alliance of leading European civil society organizations. Concord Europe is leading the campaign that includes the Climate Action Network, Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Action for Global Health, the International Disability and Development Consortium, European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development & the European Foundation Centre.


These are the main calls for the future MEPs:

Putting People First – The newly elected MEPs need to strengthen participatory democracy and promote active citizenship through consultation and dialogue processes and the inclusion of mandatory provisions for the participation and consultation of civil society actors in all EU legislative text impacting on citizens’ rights and livelihoods inside and outside Europe.


Against inequality at home and abroad – We need to tackle inequality at its root, both in Europe and beyond, and in accordance with the core values and principles of the EU. The new Parliament has to push for greater tax justice, the fair and sustainable use of natural resources, a fairer system of food production, and climate justice for all through greater EU climate action.


For a fairer world – In crisis, there is an opportunity to reinvent the European social model and put Europe on a stronger and fairer footing in the world. This means thinking about justice, human rights, poverty and inequality both inside and outside the EU. The new EP and the new EC have to demonstrate strong commitment to policy coherence for development.


Join the campaign and participate in your country


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