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Cash or Aid?

meglio-soldi-o-aiutiIt is better to build schools and hospitals, to install solar lights and distribute chickens or just give cash money in the hands of the community? This is the question to which a group of American economists are trying to answer through specific research carried out in the field. A result that could call into question many of the certainties and international cooperation in the humanitarian field . It is unconditional cash transfers (UCT, unconditional cash transfers), innovative methodology and experimental initiated with some success by GiveDirectly who recently presented the results of the first years of activity through a search that involved the University of San Diego. Read more ›

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Why the new Italian Aid Agency should not be based in Rome

In the ongoing process towards the new law on co-operation it is clear that little or nothing can be changed during the short parliamentary passage that, barring unforeseen circumstances , could start in March. The deputy minister Pistelli speaks of a parliamentary path of approximately 15 months until the drafting of the decrees and the statutes that establish the Agency. The Agency seems to be the only real chance to make a change in the Italian Cooperation. Until now, the debate has been characterized by the fear that the newly-formed agency can become a heavy wagon, many think that it is an investment too costly and therefore unpopular in the current context. Read more ›

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Italy and the fight against poverty: identikit of the Italian aid

ActionAid presented last week in Rome, the 2013 edition of the yearbook Development Cooperation entitled “Italy and the fight against poverty in the world.” The annual report provides us with an identikit of Italian aid compared to European or global context. From this edition ActionAid has decided to renew the perspective of observation, giving space to the analysis of specific issues, such as immigration and biofuels. Read more ›

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Italian Council of Ministers approves new law on Development Cooperation

consiglio-ministriThe reform of the Italian law on development cooperation has reached last Friday the Council of Ministers for its approval. After 27 years, the bill signed by Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli will substitute the current obsolete legislation setting a new course of Italian foreign policy in the field of development aid and international cooperation. After this first approval the bill will take the path of parliament chambers for amendments and final approval.  Read more ›

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Mom, I want to be an aid worker

This is the title of a book written recently by a Spanish colleague working in the NGO world has seen a growing demand for young people who wish to work in the world of development cooperation. The assessment is empirical and is based on dozens of CVs that every day reach the mailboxes of our organizations whether there is a vacancy or not. More and more young people are interested in international cooperation, humanitarian aid, development issues and they would like to work for an NGO or international organizations. Read more ›

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