Ministry of Foreign Affairs hiring first Director of the newborn Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

farnesinaThe Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently published a public notice for the selection of candidates to be submitted to the Minister for the appointment of the Director of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency. Till September the 14th the Ministry is accepting applications to identify who will lead the Italian Cooperation in the next four years. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, professional qualification and proven experience in the field of development cooperation, advanced level of proficiency in English, at least 10 years of postgraduate work experience, of which at least 3 in development cooperation and at least 5 years in executive or managerial functions.

Read the announcement (only available in italian)


How is the selection process
The Selection Committee shall determine the suitability of candidates by verification of the requirements for admission on the basis of the only documentation submitted in support of the application.
After the evaluation of the qualifications, the committee shall draw up the list of suitable candidates who are admitted to an interview. The list will be published within two days on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and on the same site will be given the date, time and place of the interview.
During the interview, the commission will assess the applicants’ skills in relation to the performance of the engagement. In this respect the candidates deliver at the beginning of the interview, a written text (maximum 3 typed pages in Italian) containing the summary of these guidelines. Part of the interview will be held in English and the second language indicated by the candidate.
After the interview, the commission will give an overall judgment on each candidate, without attribution of a score. Based on this assessment, the Commission will make a reasoned proposal to the Minister at least three and not more than five names, indicating the professional features highlights.
The judgment on the merits in the formulation of the shortlist of candidates fall within the Commission’s discretion.


Those who want to apply must submit the application by 12:00 pm of September 14, 2015 at the following address certified mail:


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