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EU Aid Volunteers Initiative Call for Proposals

eu aid volunteers call 2015The European Commission’s first-ever call for proposals for deployment of humanitarian volunteers under its EU Aid Volunteers initiative. Through the new call, around 350 junior and senior professionals are expected to be deployed to disaster-affected countries in support of needs-based humanitarian action. The volunteers will work in the areas of resilience-building and disaster management in vulnerable, fragile or disaster-affected countries and forgotten crises. Also, it is expected that over 300 local organisations and communities will benefit from capacity building activities. deadline 30 september 2015 Read more ›

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EU/FAO FLEGT programme announces a new call for proposal

EU FAO_Flegt_programme bando 2013 ong bandiongFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) — FLEGT in Countries with Partnership Agreements
FAO administers the EU’s program of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade (FLEGT). The program is open to government institutions, civil society, and private-sector organizations in timber-producing countries engaged in FLEGT’s Voluntary Partnership Agreements (Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Congo, Dem Rep Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Indonesia, Laos, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam). Grants are up to €100 thousand for a maximum period of 15 months. The deadline for concept notes is 30 September 2015 Read more ›

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A guide to EuropeAid funding instruments 2014-2020

guida-ConcordThis report aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the instruments and programmes (both thematic and geographic) used by the European Union (EU) in its development cooperation. It highlights the roles played by civil society in policy dialogue on these instruments and programmes, and in their implementation. CONCORD has been actively engaged with both the EU’s institutions and its member states, monitoring and influencing the negotiations on the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 Read more ›

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Erasmus+, in October the deadline for the Strategic partnerships in the field of youth

erasmus-plusThe Strategic Partnerships of the renewed Erasmus + programme offer the opportunity for organizations active in the fields of education, training and youth, as well as to businesses, public institutions, civil society organizations active in different socio-economic sectors of cooperate in order to implement innovative practices that lead to a teaching, training, learning and youth animation of high quality, institutional modernization and social innovation. Erasmus + offers great flexibility in terms of activities that the Strategic partnerships can be implemented as long as the proposal demonstrates that these activities are the most appropriate for achieving the objectives defined for the project. The Strategic partnerships are to develop and implement joint initiatives and projects that promote active citizenship, social innovation, participation in democratic life and entrepreneurship through peer learning and exchange of experiences. The first deadline for this action of the program is set for October 1, 2014. Read more ›

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EuropeAid open calls update (July)

europeaid-ong-bandi-ueHere is the July update of the open calls for proposal at EuropeAid. Most of them are part of the EIDHR program “European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights”. Let’s see in detail which are the open calls, their budget and deadline. Read more ›

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LIFE, 44 million available under first call for climate action projects

logo_lifeThe European Commission today launched the first call for proposals under a new funding programme for projects dedicated to climate action. The LIFE Climate Action sub-programme will provide €44.26 million in 2014 to develop and implement innovative ways to respond to the climate change challenge across Europe. European Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said: “The new LIFE programme for Climate Action is making available more funds than ever before for innovative climate projects around Europe. This will help bring to life cutting-edge low-carbon technologies and scale-up the climate solutions already out there. These funds will also help achieve the EU’s climate legislation and policy objectives. Today’s call for proposals addresses pilot, demonstration and best practice projects.” Read more ›

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Commission presents proposal to address global poverty and sustainable development

LOGO CE_Vertical_EN_quadriToday the European Commission adopted a Communication to contribute to the EU position in international negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as the follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The SDGs are intended to reinforce the international community’s commitment to eradicating poverty and supporting sustainable development, challenges that affect the lives of current and future generations. The Commission Communication describes key principles and proposes priority areas and potential targets for the years following 2015, as a step towards establishing a limited number of Sustainable Development Goals. Read more ›

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EuropeAid open calls – May Update

europeaid-ong-bandi-ueHere is the update calendar of the open calls for proposals published by EuropeAid at country level. These are the open calls within the  Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development (NSA / LA), and the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) programs. Let’s see in details the open calls listed by program. Read more ›

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EU-FAO program on forest management

20140123_2FAO has announced the call for proposals under the program “EU-FAO Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade” (FLEGT EU- FAO). This program provides grants to governmental organisations and NGOs in signatory countries of Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) with the European Union (see map). The program aims to increase information, knowledge and experiences between groups of local stakeholders by supporting actions to improve the understanding of FLEGT. Deadline: May 31, 2014. Read more ›

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10 millions from the EU to strengthen civil society in the neighborhood

neighbourhood_continent_enA new call for proposal titled “Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility” (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument ) has been published recently by the EU. It is an instrument to strengthen and promote the role of civil society in democratic reforms and changes taking place in the countries of the European Neighborhood through increased participation in the realization of the objectives of the Neighbourhood policy itself. Maximum co- financing by the European Union 90%. Deadline for the submission of concept note is June 4, 2014. Read more ›

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Erasmus+ a new opportunity for NGOs and Cooperation

Forget the Erasmus of ten years ago, the program that has allowed ,since 1987, more than three million students to make a university experience abroad. The text approved by the European Council on 19 November 2013 and by the European Parliament is not just a mobility scheme for university students. The new name is Erasmus + and it is bringing together all previous programs in the fields of education, training, youth and sports. In detail, Erasmus, Leonardo, Comenius, Grundtvig , Youth in Action , Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa , Edulink and European Voluntary Service. Read more ›

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