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EU-FAO program on forest management

20140123_2FAO has announced the call for proposals under the program “EU-FAO Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade” (FLEGT EU- FAO). This program provides grants to governmental organisations and NGOs in signatory countries of Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) with the European Union (see map). The program aims to increase information, knowledge and experiences between groups of local stakeholders by supporting actions to improve the understanding of FLEGT. Deadline: May 31, 2014. Read more ›

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French Global Environment Facility, Small-Scale Initiatives

feem1In partnership with the French Committee of IUCN, the French Global Environment Facility announces its 2014 call for small-scale initiatives (PPI) addressing biodiversity conservation and the fight against climate change.   The geographical scope is West Africa, Madagascar, and Mozambique. Priority is for African NGOs, and international organizations that support them, for grants that average €35 thousand (up to 75% of total project costs). The deadline for pre-proposals is 15 June 2014 Read more ›

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OSIWA Grants for the governance of Natural Resources

OSIWAOSIWA, a West African program of the Open Society Initiative, works to promote political and economic governance that contributes towards justice and human rights in West Africa. The 2014 call for proposals includes an objective to improve frameworks for managing natural resources in the following countries: Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. OSIWA makes most of its grants to local organizations in West Africa, although it will also fund other types of organizations in rare and limited circumstances. There is no maximum grant size. The application deadline is 30 May 2014. Read more ›

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