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Italy overhauls its development cooperation system in search for a fresh start

senatoItaly may well now sport a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation; in fact, the good news is that the Italian Parliament gave its final clearance to the legislation to reform the Italian development cooperation system last week, on 1st August. Domestically, the final go ahead was welcomed by many decision makers and interested observers even if the general political context was not helpful as the final vote took place amidst fierce divisions around other legislation the Houses were discussing in parallel, including a substantive institutional reform. Despite divisions across the political spectrum, the aid bill got only two nays in the plenary voting sessions at the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. This is the final chapter in a story of attempted reforms that has spanned about twenty years. There is also an ironic side to this story: not many seemed to care about Italian cooperation, but, when it came to fixing it, all different sorts of interests coalesced to stop the reformers. Kudos to the current political leadership, in the Government and in the Parliament, that has pushed this reform through at last. Read more ›

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EU Development Cooperation: Welcome to the blending era

MappaPezzoBlending1On the eve of the European Development ministers meeting in Florence as part of the Italian EU Presidency, Afronline.org publishes a dossier on a new EU development cooperation narrative that focuses on bringing the private sector to the centre of its development strategies. This silent revolution can be summarized in one word: blending. It is a silent revolution, yet irreversible, that started about seven years ago. We are on the eve of the subprime mortgage crisis and it feels as the EU had intuited the upcoming economic crisis and its consequences on Member States and their citizens, such as the risk of affecting one of its greatest achievements: development cooperation. Read more ›

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