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Amref – Due nuove posizioni

La ONG Amref Italia sta selezionando un/a Project Manager Coordinator Ethiopia per il progetto RESET Plus e un/a High Value Donors Fundraiser per la sua sede di Roma. Scadenza per le candidature 22 dicembre 2017



Project Manager Coordinator Ethiopia – RESET Plus
Area/departiment: Program unit
Duty station: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (with frequent missions inside the Country)?
Duration: 3.5 years (2017-2020)
Starting date: asap
Deadline for application: 22nd of December 2017


About us
Health is the key to a healthy word where people can grow and develop their skills. This is why Amref Health promotes health projects in the remote areas of Africa. Almost 60 years after its founding, Amref today is the largest African health organization operating in the continent.
The health of the world passes through Africa.
Since the beginning of its activity, Amref believes that health comes from the inside of local communities. It is through the active involvement of the populations, local staff and public health systems that we can realize long-term improvements. This is why the protagonists of change are the beneficiaries of the interventios and 97% of the staff working with Amref in africa is African. Because it’s up to Africans, every day, to take care of Africa.
Amref today operates in 26 countries in the south of the Sahara with 172 health promotion projects.
Amref brings out African solutions for African problems, solutions that come from the inside, from the heart of the communities, who are the protagonists and not just the beneficiaries of the projects.
Amref’s international network, as well as in Africa, is active in Europe, United States and Canada through 11 offices. Amref is present in Italy since 1987. Strong by experience within African communities, where health staff shortages and diseases are major and daily challenges, Amref also keeps a careful eye on the Italian reality. In a open and globalized world, the needs and rights do not stop in front of geographical border.
In Italy, since the ‘90s, Amref has been the first to launch the challenge of a positive communication about Africa, in order to highlight its potentialities and resources, and to consolidate the vision of “a land of solutions”, not just a land of problems.


About the Project:
The project is part of RESET PLUS (2017-2020) that builds on, and complements with RESET II.
RESET II is based on the following objectives: greater economic and employment opportunities, strengthening resilience of most vulnerable communities, improved governance and conflict prevention within the EU Trust Fund. The focus of RESET Plus is improvement of the systems, from micro to macro levels and the interlinkage between sectors, while adding new areas of work: Family Planning.
Total duration of the project 3.5 years. Consortium members: Amref, Save the Children, CARE, Women Support Association.


Tasks and responsabilities:
The Expatriate Program Manager Coordinator of RESET Plus project will be in charge of coordinating the implementation of a project implemented by Amref, Save The Children (STC), CARE and Women Support Association (WSA) in 5 cluster areas. In particular, s/he will be in charge of defining and follow up the overall strategy of the intervention in coordination with the technical and administrative staff of the project, senior management staff of the 3 NGOs, other RESET partners, EU and Local Authorities. The Program Manager is responsible for leading the Project Governance Team (PGT) and establishing a good level of coordination between PGT, Zonal Steering Committee (ZSC) and Woreda Project Implementation team supporting members of the last two groups in implementing the tasks they are in charge of: planning, managing the Program’s resources, monitoring and reporting.


In details, s/he will be in charge of:
Designing activity plans and supervising their implementation, including:
Designing monthly work plans together with the Project Managers;
Sharing working plans with Amref it HoP.


General monitoring of the Program’s implementation and supervision of the implementation of the Program’s monitoring system. This includes:
Design/Validate the Program’s monitoring tools and analysis of the collected data.
Monitoring the implementation of work plans directly, through regular visits to project sites and through the ZSC.
Organizing PGT meeting Providing Amref ET and IT with regular reports
Supporting project staff and partners in activities’ implementation and problem-solving.


Taking overall responsibility of the financial component of the Program, he/she will work in strict coordination with the Administrative Coordinator of Amref it for:
Budget management, following EC administrative and financial procedures as per contract signed by Amref it;
Ensure the compliance of all consortium members with EC administrative guidelines & procedures
Signing purchase and services contracts.
Defining quarterly and monthly plans of expenditures according to project budget and activity plan.
Managing the relationship with the local partners on the basis of the signed MOUs and designing focused capacity building Program (on technical and administrative skills) enabling them to manage the activities they are in charge of.
Support negotiation of the agreements with local authorities involved in the implementation of the Program.
Calling for and leading regular meetings of the PGT and sharing the minutes of the meetings and regular communication between the PGT and zonal and woreda level coordination mechanisms.


Maintaining and developing the relationship with the Donor. This implies:
Facilitating field visits, if requested; Drafting the interim and final reports and any further report which could be asked for; Providing information and documentation to the Donor when requested.


Coordinating with RESET partners operating in the target areas (5 RESET clusters). This includes:
Supporting the local partner in its work of Coordination with local authorities
Coordinating with local NGOs and INGOs operating the Project’s area and supporting the roll out of the gender strategy among RESET consortia
Coordination with relevant clusters in the area
Ensuring visibility, Providing Amref It Communication Department with regular updates and documentation (written, photographic, video etc..), in order for it to promote the project via its standard channels.
Participating in strategic planning, project proposal writing, assessments and donor relations in order to support the development of Amref It portfolio in the country.

Other tasks upon request of the HQ (Rome office) when needed.


Job requirements: 

Relevant Master Degree (International Relations, Human Rights, Sociology, International Cooperation etc.)
Minimum 4 to 5 years’ experience in managing humanitarian and development projects
Acquaintance with the Horn of Africa context
Perfect acquaintance with main donors (ECHO-UN-EU-Italian Cooperation) procedures
Previous proven experience in management of health programs/projects– at least two projects fully implemented from the design to the final reporting (providing evidence for that), including design and organizing, needs assessments, design of monitoring tools and reporting both on the financial and narrative levels
Specific knowledge on gender issues is a much-appreciated asset
Very good writing skills (a test will be administrated). Sound oral and written communication skills, including the ability to interact with different stakeholders
Sound computer skills with high proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
Perfect knowledge of spoken and written English. Working knowledge of Italian is a plus


Behavioral competencies:
Strong organizational and problem-solving skills with analytic approach.
Ability to work and live in team.
Ability to fit properly in a multicultural / diversity work context
Flexibility, capacity of managing stress, good diplomatic skills
Prepared to live and work in an uncertain security environment
Ability to perform in cross-functional team approach and job responsibilities
Excellent organizational and reporting skills, precision, rapidity, dependability, and ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines
Willingness and capacity to be flexible and patient when challenged by difficult and frustrating working conditions


Applicants interested and in possession of all the requirements are required to submit their Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter, including 2 references, to the e-mail address, with permission to process personal data pursuant to D. lgs. 196/03, specifying in the object the position for which you are applying “PM Reset”
Deadline: 22/12/2017
Not being able to answer all of them, Amref is grateful for the sending; We will only contact the selected candidates directly to continue the selection process. Amref conducts transparent, non-discriminatory and respectful sorting processes in accordance with Laws 903/77 and 125/91. For more information, visit the website in the section “Collaborate with us”.



High Value Donors Fundraiser – Major Donors & Liaison Officer
Settore: Comunicazione e Raccolta Fondi
Area: High Value Donors (Corporate & Major Donors)
Sede di lavoro: Roma, con trasferte nazionali ed internazionali
Deadline application: 22/12/2018


Scopo della funzione:
Il Major Donors and Liaison Officer, rispondendo al Coordinatore dell’area High Value Donors, collabora nella raccolta fondi di Amref attraverso l’acquisizione e la gestione di major donors e un costante collegamento tra le attività di fundraising e le progettualità dell’Organizzazione in Africa.


Attività e responsabilità
Il Major Donors and Liaison Officer è responsabile di sviluppare le attività relative alla raccolta fondi in relazione agli obiettivi di raccolta fondi dell’area HVD, con un focus specifico sui Major Donors. Grazie al suo background nell’ambito dei programmi di cooperazione internazionale, è focal point per la rendicontazione delle attività sul campo finanziate attraverso le iniziative di raccolta fondi privata, rappresentando il focal point per lo staff di Amref in Africa che si occupa della gestione e dell’implementazione dei progetti. Nello specifico:


Attività e compiti come Major Donors Fundraiser:
Gestisce e sviluppa, in sinergia con il coordinatore dell’area High Value Donors strategie di acquisizione, coltivazione e sollecitazione di grandi donatori e con l’obiettivo di consolidare e potenziare le relazioni;
gestisce il costante follow-up sui donatori con modalità personalizzate (attraverso contatti telefonici, e- mail, incontri, inviti ad eventi, ecc.);
si occupa della profilazione di potenziali donatori “cold” elaborandone proposte per la loro acquisizione;
realizza incontri face to face con donatori acquisiti e prospect su tutto il territorio nazionale;
elabora report e proposte progettuali da presentare a donatori già acquisiti prevedendo azioni personalizzate in linea con il ciclo di comunicazione realizzato dall’area HVD;
è responsabile della gestione del proprio segmento dei Major Donors all’interno del data base donatori e del monitoraggio delle donazioni in entrata relative al medesimo segmento.


Attività e compiti di Liaison Officer:
Gestisce e sviluppa, in sinergia con l’HVD coordinator, tutti i flussi di comunicazione tra l’area fundraising e il terreno, attraverso un costante rapporto con i project manager e gli officer sul campo (in Africa);
raccoglie dati, informazioni, testimonianze e aggiornamenti sia dei contesti paese sia dei singoli progetti finanziati da Amref e utili a redigere proposal e rendiconti a donatori e prospect;
svolge missioni e trasferte per costruire la relazione e il flusso di comunicazione tra il fundraising e lo staff Amref di progetto in loco, in ottica di efficacia e di efficienza, sia per guidare eventuali donatori in visita ai programmi.
attraverso il materiale costantemente ottenuto dal field, si occupa di redigere proposal e rendiconti per l’area fundraising;
favorisce, attraverso il suo lavoro, il costante flusso di comunicazione tra l’area fundraising e l’area programmi di Amref in Italia.


Attitudini e capacità richieste:
Impegno e adesione ai valori e alla mission di Amref
Backgroung in progettazione/cooperazione internazionale
Almeno 2 anni di esperienza in una ONP, nell’area fundraising/programmi
Esperienza in team di lavoro internazionali;
Capacità di analisi, di osservazione, approfondimento ed elaborazione di documenti informativi e di prodotti di raccolta fondi (proposal, budget di progetto, aggiornamenti);
Ottime doti di comunicazione e PR;
Esperienza nella elaborazione di prodotti di fundraising attraverso dati provenienti direttamente dai programmi;
Buone capacità di organizzazione e definizione delle priorità, di gestione del lavoro in possibili situazioni di “pressione”, lavorando con obiettivi immediati e di lungo termine;
Ottima conoscenza dei principali pacchetti informatici;
Ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese sia scritta che parlata;
Disponibilità a trasferte e missioni in Italia e in Africa


Inviare lettera di presentazione e CV con l’indicazione di almeno due referenze all’indirizzo email con autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi del D.lgs. 196/03 e richiamo alla Legge 15/68 art. 26 in merito a dichiarazioni mendaci e falsità negli atti, specificando nell’oggetto la posizione per la quale ci si sta candidando indicando
Deadline: 22/12/2017
Non potendo rispondere a tutti, Amref ringrazia fin d’ora dell’invio; provvederemo a contattare direttamente solo i candidati scelti per continuare il processo di selezione.
Amref conduce processi di selezione trasparenti, non discriminatori e rispettosi del genere, ai sensi delle leggi 903/77 e 125/91.
Per maggiori informazioni consulta il sito web nella sezione “Collabora con noi”.


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