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CCM – Due nuove posizioni – Sud Sudan

La ONG sanitaria CCM sta selezionando un/a Country Representative e un/a Operation Manager per la sua operatività in Sud Sudan. Scadenza candidature 9 marzo 2018



Location: Juba, regular missions to the field’ sites requested
Contract duration: one year (possible extension)
Start date of contract: 15th of April 2018
Closing date for applications: 09/03/2018


CCM has conducted several interventions in South Sudan since 1983, working mainly in Warrap and Lakes States. CCM currently supports local health institutions to manage 2 Hospitals and 21 among Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) and Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs) in 2 counties of the Warrap State in order to improve primary and secondary health care services and contribute to meet the MoH priority targets, according to the national health strategies. CCM is also responsible for the management of the Mother Teresa Hospital in Turalei (Twic County).
CCM is currently the leading agency of the major health project for the State of Warrap (in consortia with World Vision) financed by Health Pooled Fund and sub grantee in another lot (that includes the Turalei Hospital) where World Vision is the leading agency in the consortia. In addition, CCM is currently submitting other project proposals to other donors (Unicef, UN OCHA, WFP, ECHO among them).
Additionally, the current political situation of South Sudan has recently determined a high number of IDPs and refugees. CCM is committed to (i) ensure the emergency response to the current humanitarian crisis; and (ii) preserve the already fragile health system from a possible deterioration and collapse due to the humanitarian crisis.
For further information on the organization, please visit the website at


Duties and Responsibilities
External relations
The Country Representative (CR) officially represents CCM with local authorities and governmental institutions in the Country, with the Italian Embassy, the United Nation System, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the European Delegation and with the local offices of International and local Organizations..
CR represents CCM with partners, project stakeholders and donors. (S)he can be supported by the Health Advisor and Program coordinators, when it is requested.
CR protects and promotes CCM’s image and reputation
The CR is the legal representative of CCM, (s)he manages every legal aspects of the organization in the Country


Strategy of intervention and project design and formulation:
Supported by of the Health Advisor/Deputy CR, the CR:
Searches and/or elaborates documents relevant to the country and the Health sector in order to identify new actions and axes of intervention (WASH, Food Security);
According to the Country Strategy and Plan shared with the Head of Projects Sector and the Desk Officer, CR identifies and develops new project proposals to be submitted to local or international donors
Supported by the country administration, defines yearly plans and evaluates CCM performances in the country both economically, qualitatively and quantitatively always taking into consideration the sustainability of the organization.
Ensures the formulations of new projects, planning and coordinating the activities with the Head Office (CCM Project Department and South Sudan Desk Officer), Regional and Country Health Advisor. He/She requests to contract external consultants when needed


Supervision and evaluation of the projects’ implementation
Assures the compliance with CCM Head Office and Donors’ guidelines and requirements about visibility, documentation, monitoring and evaluation.
Monitors ongoing projects, ensuring regular implementation, respect of objectives and plans (operative, economic and financial), and results’ evaluation. (S)he is supported by the Health Advisor regarding the monitoring and evaluation of every health issues.
Ensures the preparation, revises and submits all sort of reports (narrative and financial) to the Head Office or to the Donors, according to the established deadlines and the processes and the International Project Department procedures.
Manages the office where (s)he is based and ensures the correct organization of all CCM basis and offices in the country, in accordance with the CCM guidelines
Organizes head office missions, including feasibility studies and project evaluations
Ensures efficient logistics in the Country
Ensures and facilitates a smooth and effective working relations among volunteers, project managers, Health Advisor and with the HQs


Human Resources
According to the HQ guidelines about HR management, the CR identifies, constantly updates and enacts the HR internal procedures approved by the HQ.
(S)he is responsible of all personnel in the country (including consultants and volunteers). The CR identifies local and international staff roles to be recruited for projects or offices, fully collaborating with his/her Program coordinators and direct supervisors at the HQ.
Supported by the Head Office (Desk Officer, Regional Health Advisor, Head of Projects Sector and HR function) agrees about recruitment process’ stages, identifying also the staff members involved in it based on their roles and specific competences, and also the evaluation of personnel based on regular procedures (specific ones still to be defined).
Ensures trainings and skills updating for local and international staff members
Following internal procedures and UN instruction and guidelines protects the security of the staff members. S(he) ensures continue communication and exchange with the Italian Embassy on security.
He/she reports to the Desk Officer for South Sudan at CCM HQ.


Relevant academic background, post graduate studies in Public Health is an asset
Minimum 4 years of experience in the role
Proven experience in implementing and monitoring of development and emergency projects
Excellent experience in identifying and elaborating new project proposals
Good administrative skills (budget formulation and management, contracts understanding, reporting)
Excellent HR managerial skills in very complex and multicultural teams
Outstanding negotiations and communications capacities both with local and international partners
Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to deliver promptly feedbacks
Strong capacity to organize his/her workload and meet deadlines even under pressure
High capacity to cope with stress also in volatile and highly insecure contexts.
Goal mind oriented
High ability to adapt to very rural contexts where there are poor living conditions
Proficiency in Microsoft Office
Fluency of both written and spoken English
Fluency of both written and spoken Italian is an asset


How to apply
Please, email your resume with references ‘details (max 4 pages) and your motivation letter (max 1 page) to
Please, to help the HR office to consider your application properly, specify in the email subject the vacancy title as follow Country Representative_SouthSudan
Please, note every resume will be evaluated and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



Location: 30% Juba, 70% in the field’ sites requested
Contract duration: one year (possible extension)
Start date of contract: 15th of April 2018
Closing date for applications: 09/03/2018


Duties and Responsibilities
The Operation Manager – reporting hierarchically to the CR – and technically collaborating with the Country Health Advisor, the Country Administrator and Procurement Officer – will provide the technical lead to ensure the optimal coordination and management of human resources required for the effective and efficient implementation of the following job duties and responsibilities:


1. Project Implementation Follow-up:
a) Supervise Project Managers in the area and provide support to project implementation through trouble shooting and eliminating blocking points
b) Monitor output achievement, cash burn rates and ensure a time completion of projects through regular coordination meetings with the PMs
c) Ensure that relevant project information are up-to-date and available for reporting purposes
d) Ensure coordination and complementarity amongst projects within the area of intervention
e) Conduct frequent field visits to project sites to assess activities and ensure efficient use of resources
f) Advise Project Managers to adapt projects according to monitoring and evaluation findings
g) Ensure beneficiary feedback mechanisms are in place
h) Ensure capitalisation of best practices and lessons learnt for projects in the area of operations.


2. Finance Management
a) Control project budgets at area level to avoid under/over spending
b) Ensure accurate budget forecasting and efficient cash flow management
c) Ensure timely and accurate area finance reporting


3. Networking, positioning and general representation:
a) Participate in donor meetings at area level and communicate relevant information to PMs, Country Rep, and other relevant staff
b) Establish, maintain and improve active and regular working relationships with other NGOs, UN agencies, clusters, working groups, consortia, etc. at area level ensuring maximum visibility of CCM
c) Establish, maintain, and improve active and regular working relationships with local authorities and where necessary non-state actors and obtain required authorizations and buy-in for CCM’s activities at area level
d) Ensure CCM is represented in key clusters, working groups, NGO coordination bodies, etc. at area level


4. Proposal development
a) Lead assessment(s) at area level to ensure proposals are relevant
b) Support the Project Development Department in proposal conceptualisation (problem statement, logframe) within the framework of the country, regional and global strategy
c) Contribute to budget design ensure budget needs at area level have been taken into consideration


5. Management and Internal Coordination
Staff Management:
a) Ensure that all staff in the area understand and are able to perform their roles and responsibilities related to area operations and link with the capital Head of Departments
b) Promote team building, productivity and staff welfare
c) Mentor and support the team to build capacities, and improve efficiency and performance, and follow career management
d) Manage interpersonal conflicts among staff at area level


6. Internal Coordination:
a) Facilitate interdepartmental communication and information sharing for a positive working environment at both head and field level offices


Relevant education in a field such as international development, emergency operations, humanitarian programming;
Extensive project management experience (management, planning, staff development) in emergency and/or development programmes;
At least four years relevant work experience;
Excellent experience in identifying and elaborating new project proposals;
Proven capabilities in leadership and management required;
Ability to work well and punctually under pressure;
Excellent skills in written and spoken English;
Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and flexibility in cultural and organizational terms;
High capacity to cope with stress also in volatile and highly insecure contexts;
Proficiency in Microsoft Office;
Fluency of both written and spoken English.


How to apply
Please, email your resume with references ‘details (max 4 pages) and your motivation letter (max 1 page) to
Please, to help the HR office to consider your application properly, specify in the email subject the vacancy title as follow Operation Manager_SouthSudan
Please, note every resume will be evaluated and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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