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CCM – Consulenza – Etiopia

La ONG medica CCM ricerca un/a figura per consulenza a Bale, in Etiopia. Durata missione: 5-6 settimane. Organizzazione missione entro metà dicembre 2018. Scadenza candidature 12 ottobre 2018



Position: Consultancy for the realization of a social study on community health-related pathways of the returnees in need of psycho-social support in the frame of the project Emergency Intervention for vulnerable potential returnees or migrant groups in order to mitigate the root causes of the irregular migration in Bale, Arsi e West Arsi areas.
Reference: AID 011222


CCM, Comitato Collaborazione Medica, is a non-for profit nongovernmental organisation founded in 1968 in Turin, by a group of medical doctors from Piedmont Region in Italy.
Our key mission is to promote the right to health and ensure access to essential health care.
We are a lay and independent organisation, guided by the values of solidarity, equity, non-discrimination and cultural respect
We works through long term development projects, believing that health can be really promoted only with stable and durable interventions
In case of natural disasters or epidemics in the areas where we work, we implements emergency interventions
In Etiopia, CCM is registered in the country since 1998. CCM projects in Ethiopia aims at contributing to the promotion of a good health and quality of life for the poor and vulnerable people in the most remote areas of the country.
In Bale Zone, CCM carried out a first assessment field mission on 5-24 May 2017 by a neuropsychiatric and a physiotherapist, targeting the health facilities (both public and private) and the social services (schools and local organizations) providing mental health and disability-related services. Since then, CCM started extending its attention to mental health, as it seems one of the most neglected area of intervention.

CCM is currently implementing the project Emergency Intervention for vulnerable potential returnees or migrant groups in order to mitigate the root causes of the irregular migration in Bale, Arsi e West Arsi areas started on the 1st August 2018.
The project is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and CCM own funds.
The project aims at mitigating the root causes of irregular migration in the area of Bale, Arsi and Western Arsi (Oromia region), being this is one of the areas of Ethiopia with the highest rate of irregular migrants.
This goal will be achieved through 3 results:
Access to basic services for young potential migrants and returnees residents in Bale, Arsi and Western Arsi is increased;
The employment of young potential migrants and returnees through trainings and income generating activities in the agriculture and services sector in the woredas of Sinada, Adaba, Gololcha, Ginir and Goba is increased;
The social integration of the returnee through participatory systems community and preliminary activities to create links and to promote psychosocial support is analyzed and strengthened.


Field mission one overall goals:
A field mission by a Social Researcher (SR) is necessary from the onset, in order to mobilize the project personnel, the local authorities/stakeholders and all the target communities to provide a qualitative framework about the local knowledge and perception of the psychosocial-related problems, the management strategies and the available resources. Indeed, a correct understanding of the local communities’ approach and behaviour towards mental health-related problems shall promote effective intervention.
The study constitutes the baseline for a set of psychosocial-related activities, such as health professional trainings, focus groups discussions and one final workshop on mental health in the area.


The objectives of the study are to:
Understand the needs felt by the returnees affected by psychosocial problems;
Investigate the community perception and knowledge of the mental health-related disorders;
Identify the community pathways to provide psychosocial support and to manage the mental health problems
Identify the available health system resources and gaps in the target area.


Terms of Reference:
Coach CCM staff and stakeholders about participatory approach and tools
Train one local interpreter about the goal and the strategy of the study and his/her role
Mentor one CCM staff (with social research background) in the design and the organization of a qualitative research
Investigate local knowledge, behaviours and practices about mental health-related through observation, interviews and focus group discussions
Identify, with CCM team jointly, the learning outcomes of the study, to inform and make the further project activities more effective
Support the dissemination of the collected data during the mental health and psychosocial support workshop, planned at the end of the project
Write a complete study report
The study shall be carried out in a participatory manner, involving the project stakeholders.
The final report will be shared with the stakeholders.


Expected Outputs:
Final consistent report along with copy of used tools
Executive summary with study approach, sampling technique, size, location and organization of field work
All documents must be provided in soft copy

Users of the report
Main users of the evaluation will be:
CCM team
Project stakeholders
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS


Required Qualifications/Expertise
The individual or team should have the following specific experiences and qualification:
Deep understanding of social, anthropological and education components in developing countries
Sound experience in conduction socio-anthropological research in the frame of development and humanitarian projects;
Working experience with disability/mental health projects
Working experience in Ethiopia and specifically in Oromia Region is as preferable requirement
Excellent reporting and communication skills
Capacity to liaise among different relevant stakeholders at national and local level
English and Italian mandatory (written and oral)
Previous experience with CCM


The mission shall be conducted and finalized before the middle of December 2018 and the mission report must be submitted before the end of January 2019..
The consultant has to plan to visit the project’s areas for at least 5-6 weeks to be able to fulfil the set objectives.


Required Qualifications/Expertise
The individual or team should have the following specific experiences and qualification:
Deep understanding of socio-anthropological environment and components in developing countries, with a focus on pastoral communities
Knowledge of participatory approach methods and tools
Knowledge and experience in community health-related projects
Experience in conducting qualitative research in the frame of socio-health projects
Working experience in Ethiopia and specifically in Oromia region, and/or in other comparable settings;
Excellent reporting and communication skills;
Capability to liaise among different relevant stakeholders at national and local level;
English mandatory (written and oral). Italian is an asset;


Evaluation criteria
The consultant proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Academic Background (max 15 points):
Academic Degree
Qualifications in anthropology (max 5 points)
Qualifications in management of health related projects (max 9 points)


Working Experiences (max 45 points):
10 points for each year experienced in Ethiopia, and/or comparable settings
15 points for each year spent in socio health related projects
15 points for each year spent working on management and coordination of socio-health projects
5 points for each year spent working on research regarding the knowledge and practices of local health system, health-seeking behaviours and related pathways in Ethiopia and or comparable settings
Previous working experience in participatory approach and community


Linguistic knowledge (max 10 points):
Knowledge of written and spoken English and Italian (B1 / B2: Intermediate level of Common European Framework of Reference of Languages)
Knowledge of the local language


Other skills useful for carrying out the assignment, which can be found in the training and professional experiences and in the motivational letter (max 30 points)


How to apply
Please send your application as follows:
CV in PDF format for a maximum of three (3) pages, including the authorization to process data pursuant to UE regulation 679/2016 (GDPR). Signed and dated
Motivational letter, maximum 1 page
Submission by 12th September 2018 to the address indicating as object the words “Consultancy Bale, Ethiopia”

The human resources department with the support of the internal referent of the country will conduct the process of evaluating the candidacies and the selection of experts, based on the qualifications and experience acquired by the CV

It will not be conducted any interview. Please, note that all Curricula received will be viewed, but only those selected will be contacted.


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