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Ordine di Malta – Medical Doctor or Nurse – Mar Mediterraneo

Il Corpo italiano di soccorso dell’Ordine di Malta cerca un Medico o Infermiere da inserire nell’equipaggio di un’imbarcazione di ricerca e soccorso nel Mar Mediterraneo. Durata minimo 15 giorni.

Medical Doctor or Nurse
Duty station: Mediterranean Sea – On-board the Offshore Fisheries Patrol Vessel
Starting date: 02/06/2019
Ending date: 15/10/2019
Contract duration: minimum 15 days
Reporting to: Italian Relief Corp of the Order of Malta headquarters
Supervision of: CISOM Project Manager
GROSS SALARY It will be defined according to experiences of the candidate

In December 2017, EFCA – European Fisheries Control Agency awarded a framework contract for the chartering of an Offshore Fisheries Patrol Vessel to Sentinel Marine Ltd.
The chartered vessel, Lundy Sentinel, is primarily deployed as a fisheries patrol vessel, i.e. a platform from which the monitoring, boarding and inspection of fishing vessels and related support and transport vessels is conducted in international and EU waters by authorized fisheries inspectors.
The vessel will be deployed for operations other than fisheries inspection and control, for example providing assistance and support during search and rescue operations.
In particular, one of the operational areas of Lundy Sentinel includes the Mediterranean Sea where frequent search and rescue operations are being carried out. For humanitarian purposes and in order to be able to respond more effectively in case of being called to participate in such operations, EFCA will require medical service.

Given the situation in the Mediterranean Sea in which thousands of migrants are trying to reach Europe’s coasts emergency situations, CISOM will ensure the presence of one medical doctor ore one nurse on-board on EFCA’S chartered Vessels “Lundy Sentinel”.
CISOM’s staff is trained to face any emergency in Search and Rescue operations, evaluating the health conditions of the rescued migrants. The medical staff not only treats cases of hypothermia, dehydration, hypoglycemic crisis, petrol burns, and contusions, but is also ready to help children and pregnant women.
The most serious cases are reported immediately to the local health structure (118 Service), thus activating, if necessary, the emergency transport by helicopter to the local hospital.
CISOM will provide one qualified doctor or one qualified nurse that will provide medical service on-board EFCA’s chartered vessel “Lundy Sentinel”.

Education// work experiences
Doctors: The doctor shall have at least two years’ postgraduate professional experience in areas that include Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine or Family Practice.
Nurses: The Nurse shall have post-secondary education in nursing of at least 3 years attested by a diploma and at least two years of professional experience after that diploma.
Languages: Fluent English is mandatory

Personal Requirements
Strong teamwork and cooperation capacities
Commitment to CISOM principles
Context adaptability
No seasickness

Just to remind that, when the vessel is at port, the medical staff is expected to stay and eat onboard as we will not reimburse hotel expenses and victualling.

HOW TO APPLY: Please send you CV and a motivation letter in English to:

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