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COSPE – Animal Nutrionist Expert – Zimbabwe

Cospe Onlus sta selezionando un/a Animal Nutrionist Expert da inserire nella sua operatività in Zimbabwe. Durata 12 mesi. Scadenza candidature 30/07/2019

Animal Nutrionist Expert – Zimbabwe

COSPE is recruiting for an Animal Nutritionist Expert, for the support on the management of the Inclusive Poultry Value Chain (IPVC) Development project, co-financed by the European Union (EU), in Zimbabwe, contract number FED/2018/403-186. The project, in the framework of improving the inclusiveness of the Poultry Value Chain in Zimbabwe, intends to develop a decentralized small-scale feed production strategy; this will be a pilot approach targeting clusters outside of Harare, which is where feed production is currently centralized.

The animal nutritionist will work with the targeted poultry clusters in training mill operators, SMPs (small and medium producers) and extension officers on the optimal composition of macro- and micronutrients for efficient and viable feed conversion ratios, along with identification of potential sources of nutrients from locally available production (e.g. maize, small grains, sunflower) and linked to companies interested in supplying concentrates and macro-packs under these arrangements.

The Animal nutritionist will target independent SMPs. The animal nutritionist will support the promotion of local feed production to promote wider scale adoption of this approach through sharing success stories through other ZPA clusters and integrated into the Poultry Management app.

This model will facilitate local production of feed using local cereals and oilseeds aimed at reducing the costs of feed. Through the regional ZPA Chapters, the animal nutritionist will work with SMPs to scan the local markets for appropriate sources of energy (e.g., maize, small grains such as sorghum) and/or protein (e.g. soya, sunflower seeds) and advise the required ratios of grains, proteins and commercial nutrient pack for optimal nutrition based on these locally available sources of energy and protein.

Duties and main responsibilities of the Animal Nutritionist:

Develop a strategy for the decentralized small-scale feed production

The Animal nutrition expert will analyze the current situation of the feed production in the rural areas of the project, identifying best practices in feed formulations and incorporating these into the IPVC strategy.

  • He/she will support the identification of the most appropriated areas for this activity
  • He/she will analyze local crop production and the local pedo-climatic conditions in order to understand which will be the better species and varieties to be used as source of feed,
  • He/she will determine the input needed for their cultivation, including indication on the required surface for each kind of specie,
  • He/she will highlight the input that will be necessary for the transformation in poultry feed;
  • He/she will give indication about the inputs and conditions required for the feed conservation;
  • He/she will suggest the proper composition of macro and micro-nutrients to be integrate in the feed and their availability in the market, including suppliers and their localization
  • He/she will check the feasibility for a locally based production of animal feed

Develop and implement a training program for SMPs and extension officers:

  • He/she will support the project staff in organizing a launch day for the activity in the selected areas
  • He/she will prepare a training plan for feed-mill management and operators, extension workers and SMPs about the requirement needed for the cultivation of feed species, their transformation and conservation
  • He/she will develop a monitoring plan on the feed quality analyzing the feed conversion ratio
  • He/she will provide the analysis of the data collected using the monitoring plan, in order to provide indications and adjustment when needed

 Mandatory requirements

  • University degree in Agricultural Sciences, Animal production or Veterinary
  • At least 5 years’ experience on feed formulation and production
  • Proved experience in African rural context
  • Excellent knowledge of English;
  • Personal Commitment and high level of integrity;
  • Sharing of the COSPE mission, values, codes of conduct

Preferential requirements

  • Master and/or PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Animal production or Veterinary
  • Experience in livestock value chain
  • Previous work experience in Zimbabwe
  • Knowledge of Italian and/or Shona

WORKPLACE: Harare (Zimbabwe) with several mission in the project area.

STARTING AND DURATION OF THE CONTRACT: from February/March 2019, for 12 months (within the 36 month of project implementation. If interested, please send your CV in word format accompanied by a letter of introduction – in English – at the address, specifying in the subject of the email “ANE Zimbabwe – 2019”, no later than 30/07/2019.

The preselected candidates will be invited for an interview

No notification will be sent to non-preselected applications.

CVs not corresponding to the required requirements will not be considered.

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