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EPRD – Consulenze su progetti DEAR – Vari paesi

La società di consulenza polacca EPRD – Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development ha aperto una ricerca di consulenti esterni per effettuare studi e analisi sui progetti europei DEAR finanziati dalla Commissione europea. Scadenza candidature 31 marzo 2020

Il Dear Support team sta selezionando 12 consulenti short-term su due specifici assignment:

Country Studies: 
The organisation and facilitation of documentation reviews and workshops with DEAR project staff in Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden.
In each country we are looking for a consultant to obtain information about the national contexts in which DEAR projects operate and how DEAR lead and partner organisations/local authorities and sub-grantees respond to that context.
The consultant will need to be fluent in the relevant national language and able to write a clear report in English. He or she should not be involved in a current EU co-funded DEAR project.  The work required is likely to take up to 13 days for each country and should be carried out from May to mid-August.  
Similar reports were produced in 2019 on six other EU Member States, with this difference that in 2020 greater attention should be given to analysis of relevant documentation.  2019 Country Study reports can be accessed via the link here

Analysis of DEAR project reports: 
To provide quantitative and qualitative analyses of annual project reports and log-frames produced by current DEAR projects, investigating their ways of working, results and reach across the European Union.  
The work to be done is likely to take up to 45 days of input to be provided from around May to mid-August.  Working together with the DEAR Support Team leader, the work will involve, amongst others, design and implementation of analytical frameworks, review of c. 30 reports, and development of a report in English with findings, analyses and conclusions.
This consultancy will significantly contribute to the development of the ‘DEAR Projects 2020’ report.  To gain an insight into similar reports produced in 2018 and 2019, please follow the links shown here.

For further details about any of these assignments and their requirements, please contact Agnieszka Badel at EPRD – Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development: email a.badel[at] 

Closing date for applications is 31st March 2020 but early application is encouraged.

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