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Fondazione punto.sud – Trainer – Italia

Fondazione punto.sud sta selezionando Trainer da inserire nella sua operatività in Italia attraverso la formazione di un roster . Scadenza candidature 31/12/2021


PuntoSud is an independent non-profit organization based in Milan, Italy, that operates in international and social cooperation. The organisation’s mission is to develop, test and disseminate effective solutions to meet local and global social needs.

Through its learning hub, the PuntoSud Academy, it aims to enhance the knowledge and capacities of the staff of NGOs, UN agencies, European Commission, Member States’ national agencies in dealing with development cooperation and humanitarian aid programmes. The support is mostly focused at making the cooperation among Grant receiving organisations and donor agencies more efficient and collaborative.

Moreover, the Academy wishes at empowering organisations in developing their internal control systems to ensure a more efficient use of resources. Since 2008, the Academy is the official partner of the European Commission for the provision of training and helpdesk services to all DG ECHO’s partners and staff. In order to expand its training activities, the PuntoSud Academy is looking for experienced trainers around the world who possess expertise in their areas of work to be considered for its roster.

The roster

This roster aims to identify skilled trainers with experience and a solid background and knowledge of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation programmes and related implementing rules (DG ECHO and PRAG rules). When training demand arises in a particular thematic area, pre-selected trainers will be called upon to provide training services. The range of tasks for the consultants may include preparation for, translation of materials and delivery of face-to-face or virtual classroom training in English, French or Spanish. The training delivery will be home-based (for virtual classroom) or in presence (for face-to-face) in Europe and worldwide.

Specific Thematic Areas of the PuntoSud Academy training programme

  • Training on Humanitarian Aid – DG ECHO funded actions

PuntoSud has signed, in Consortium with other organisations, a framework contract with DG ECHO for “Supply of training and support Services to the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)”.  With the aim to improve DG ECHO partners and staff compliance with DG ECHO rules, procedures and policies, the training and Helpdesk-related assistance is required to achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthen knowledge relevant to improving compliance for DG ECHO partners and staff;
  • Provide basic information about the Partnership 2021 rules and relevant DG ECHO thematic policies in the form of eLearning modules and webinars to increase their general knowledge;
  • Update DG ECHO partners’ website to provide all relevant information, necessary to DG ECHO partners and staff on a day-to-day basis;
  • Provide continuous support through a Helpdesk service to answer specific questions regarding rules and procedures.

In this framework, PuntoSud is looking for increasing the Core Team of Trainers. Members of this team are experienced in the didactics and pedagogics of adult learning, with at least 10 years of professional experience, at least 3 of which as facilitators in a multicultural environment. The trainers must be able to deliver the face-to-face/virtual classroom and webinar sessions on the required topics, in English, French and/or Spanish (minimum level C1), according to the Consortium methodology and agreed plans.

They should have a solid knowledge about:

  • DG ECHO rules and procedures, including the use of the Single Form and the application of the MGA implementing rules and/or
  • DG ECHO thematic policies, including Protection

Current DG ECHO training programme is available at this link: . Trainers’ CVs are subject to prior approval from DG ECHO before being able to be involved in training delivery.

  • Training on International Partnership – Grant Contract and Contribution Agreement rules

In the last years, the PuntoSud Academy has developed a broad training programme to assist all types of organisations (i.e CSOs, UN agencies, Member States Specialized Agencies) to work with the EU in the External Aid Programmes, managed by DG ECHO, DG INTPA, DG NEAR and the EU delegations.

In the view of an increase of the training activities, the Academy is looking for trainers to prepare for and deliver face-to-face and virtual classroom training sessions in Italy or home-based in English, French or Spanish.

Selected trainers should have a solid knowledge of some of the following areas:

  • The EU programming and funding system
  • The PRAG calls for proposals and application process
  • The PRAG rules for Grants and related Grant Contract and Annexes
  • The EU management modalities to work with pillar assessed organisations
  • The FAFA, FFPA and Contribution Agreement
  • DG ECHO rules and procedures according to the MGA
  • Training other aspects related to the project management

The PuntoSud Academy aims also at providing training services to support organisations in strengthening their fundraising and internal control system. Moreover, some aspects related to the EU main priorities and related policies would be the subject of some possible future developments of the Academy training programme.

For this reason, it is looking for skilled trainers with a solid knowledge and experience in some of the following themes:

  • Fundraising for CSOs
  • Innovative project management tools, including Agile for development
  • Monitoring systems and tools
  • EU policies: Green Deal, Digitalization, Child Protection


  • Demonstrates commitment to PuntoSud’s mission and vision;
  • Strong training and facilitation capabilities;
  • Ability to work in a team and develop synergies;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, resourcefulness and initiative;
  • Sensitivity and adaptability to culture, gender, religion, nationality and age;
  • Openness to change and ability to receive/integrate feedback;
  • Ability to accommodate additional demands on short notice;
  • Ability to work under pressure and in stressful situations and manage heavy workloads.

Required Skills and Experience


  • University degree


  • At least five years of professional experience, three of which as trainers or facilitators;
  • Extensive knowledge and possible direct experience of project management in humanitarian aid or development cooperation areas;
  • In depth knowledge of some of the thematic areas
  • Excellent oral and written skills


  • As a minimum, candidates need a working knowledge of English
  • Ability to deliver training sessions in one or more of the following languages: French, Spanish (minimum level C1)

Evaluation of Applicants

Applicants will be screened against qualifications and the competencies specified for each thematic area of the PuntoSud Academy

Contracting Arrangements

  • Only applicants who pass all screening procedures will be included in the roster;
  • Entry into the roster system does not necessarily mean a guaranteed contract with PuntoSud. This will depend on forthcoming needs;
  • An Agreement will be signed with the selected trainers;
  • When a request for services arises, the PuntoSud Academy coordinator will contact the most appropriate trainer from the roster.  A specific Terms of Reference outlining the outputs for each assignment will be provided

Application procedures

To apply, please kindly send your curriculum vitae accompanied by a motivation letter indicating also two contacts for references to Simona Pogliani:

PuntoSud undertakes to take into consideration only the CVs that meet the minimum requirements and which will be selected for interview.

For information on the PuntoSud’s activities, please see the website:

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