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FONDAZIONE PIERO E LUCILLE CORTI – Junior Internal Auditor – Uganda

Fondazione Piero e Lucille Corti Onlus sta selezionando un/a Junior Internal Auditor da inserire nella sua operatività in Uganda. Scadenza candidature 15/02/2022

Junior Internal Auditor at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, Gulu (Uganda)

Uganda is the pearl of Africa, a 1000 m high plateau with an ideal climate, beautiful landscapes and nature, a place afflicted by decades of conflicts, now quiet and relatively safe.

In northern Uganda, Lacor Hospital is one of the very few facilities where a mostly poor population can hope to find affordable treatment. The Hospital cares for more than 200.000 patients every year.

Lacor Hospital is a complex with over 700 employees. It includes a training institute for health (750 students, of which 500 reside within the Hospital), a logistic office in Kampala and residences within the Hospital for approximately 300 employees with their families.

The candidate will be employed by Fondazione Corti with an Italian contract and deployed to Lacor Hospital as Junior Internal Auditor in the framework of the Foundation’s technical assistance to Lacor Hospital.

The place of work will be Lacor Hospital and full time residence in the Hospital is required. Accommodation is provided by the Hospital.

Contract conditions will be defined depending on the candidate’s experience. Adequate training and probation period on the job (6 months) are foreseen.

The candidate reports to the Internal Auditor. He will be introduced gradually to the many aspects that the role comprises gradually becoming autonomous in carrying out: 

  • daily controls on administrative procedures like small purchases, bank payments, procurements, inventory management etc.; 
  • analysis, reclassification and verification of a large number of mostly financial data, mainly using Excel Spreadsheets;
  • writing and presenting small reports with the results of the verifications and analysis carried out;
  • assisting administrative staff in addressing and correcting the identified mistakes.

Basic Requirements:

  • Diploma or certificate in Accounting (ragioneria), or other relevant diploma;
  • high commitment to working in a very low resource setting and keen interest in adapting to different work cultures and people;
  • passionate interest in carrying out regular and meticulous controls, identifying mistakes, as well as analyzing and processing large quantities of data; 
  • very good knowledge of English, both written and spoken; 
  • good knowledge of excel and some of its advanced functions, especially pivot tables;
  • Ability to work independently, as well as maintain a positive working relationship with other staff.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks under deadlines without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
  • Strong attention to detail and follow-through.

Preferential elements are:

  • Previous experience in Administration, Finance and book keeping;
  • Diploma or Degree in International Cooperation or other relevant courses;
  • Experience in financial reporting, accounting and/or IFRS/IAS;
  • Experience with administrative or accounting software;
  • Experience in procurement and store management.

In addition, the successful candidate will require a range of personal attributes, including:

  • high ethical standards, being collaborative and team player;
  • the ability of keeping a very calm and polite approach, even during stressful situations;
  • a “hands on” aptitude on work;
  • the ability of adapting to different cultures and practices;
  • showing a high respect towards everyone while at the same time pursuing the agreed objectives.

To apply for this opportunity send your CV, letter of motivation with your salary level to 

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