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AVSI – Chief of Party – Uganda

Fondazione AVSI sta selezionando un/a Chief of Party da inserire nella sua operatività in Uganda. Durata 12 mesi. Scadenza candidature 28/05/2022

Chief of Party – Uganda 

Level: Manager
15/06/2022 (starting date ASAP)
1 year
Language: English

1st (counselor) Country Representative Uganda
Aim of the position:                                                                                                                                                                                          The aim of the position is to manage for AVSI Foundation the implementation of its Skilling in Agripreneurship for Increased Youth Employment (SAY) Project, a 14.5mil Euro initiative funded by the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands (EKN). Skilling in Agripreneurship for Increased Youth Employment (SAY) project is a 50 months’ project (Nov 2020 to December 2024) focusing on developing competences of young people between 13 to 30 years to increase income opportunities, create jobs and business opportunities in the agri-business sector in an inclusive and sustainable manner. The SAY project is intended to contribute concretely to increased Agri-skills level of youth and their gainful employment in the agribusiness sector in Uganda as part of efforts to socio-economically spur Uganda to middle-income status.

The goal of the SAY project is to contribute to increased Agri-skills level and gainful employment of youth in the agriculture sector in Uganda. To achieve this goal, the project has lined up four specific objectives as follows:

1) SO1: Employable agribusiness skills levels of 16,000 youth 18-30 years old in target areas in Uganda enhanced by 2024;

2) SO2: Skilled youth (aged 18-30 years) employment in well-paying agribusiness jobs and self-run Agripreneurship in target project areas of Uganda boosted by the end of the project (2024);

3) SO3: Youth aged 13 <18 years in target project areas of Uganda increased their engagement in agriculture for long-term career path or key economic venture by the end of project (2024);

4) SO4: Enabling environment for market-responsive Agri-skilling and youth gainful engagement in agribusiness in Uganda strengthened by 2024.

The project will contribute to: (i) Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 2019-2024 Multi Year Strategic Plan, (ii) Vision 2040 of Uganda, (iii) Uganda National Agriculture Policy 2013 and (iv) BTVET 10-year Strategic Plan for Revolutionizing Skills Development in Uganda (Skilling Uganda Initiative) with a focus on youth.

Other than the main component of Skills Development and increased youth employment and income (500,000 UGX/person/month), the SAY project considers the importance of a trigger effect that can be developed by engaging the youth in entrepreneurship training and other soft skills, and exposing them to opportunities in agriculture through interventions that challenge their thinking and enhance their business acumen so that they realize the potential engaging in agribusiness presents.

The SAY project is targeting 16,000 youth aged 18-30 years for immediate employment in the agriculture sector belonging to the following categories:                                                                                                                                                                                        • 2,650 graduates of SKY who started Agripreneurship but were not supported with start-up packages                                          • 1,750 graduates from other institutions (unemployed or underemployed)                                                                                            • 3,700 finalists in universities and BTVET institutions                                                                                                                                • 1,900 non-SKY supported youth Agripreneurs from communities                                                                                                           • 6,000 refugees and host communities’ members                                                                                                                                         And 5,000 youth aged 13-18 years for increased Agripreneurship knowledge and skills for long-term engagement in agriculture of which:

• 4,000 in secondary schools                                                                                                                                                                                • 1,000 in justice system rehabilitation centres.

The project is ear-marked for implementation in 19 districts of Uganda.                                                                                                  The SAY project focus will be to skill youth in occupations and competencies which have high demand with employers and the labour market in general and high value enterprises (DIT Level 2 and 3 for youth aged 18-30 years and Level 1 for youth aged 13-18 years). The selected value chains are: coffee, horticulture, food processing, poultry, extension, piggery, cattle, animal nutrition, apiary, fish farming, banana and mushroom.

Main tasks and responsibilities:                                                                                                                                                                As Chief of Party of the “Skilling in Agripreneurship for enhanced Youth Employment” – SAY project, the staff member’s main task and responsibilities entail ensuring high quality programming within the project through technical guidance and support. Of relevance:

• Responsible for the planning and overall implementation project activities in the various districts where the project operates in Uganda
• Coordinate work and supervise the staff of the project
• Liaise with administrations for project expenditures, accountability, advances, financial reports, budget for activities and any related task in constant coordination with the Country Representative
• Coordinate the logistical support to staffs and to the project
• Coordinate the programme implementation and the local partners
• Collaborate with the Communications department to efficiently and effectively communicate results
• Responsible for the project budgets and expenditure
• Responsible for the orders and supplies under the project
• Responsible for the preparation and submission of progress and financial reports as per donor requirements
• Managing relationships with high-level partner and government institutions
• Maintain good working relationships with project stakeholders and partners
• Attend coordination meeting representing AVSI with other partners and local authorities
• Keep relations and communications with the donor (Dutch Government)

Essential requirements:                                                                                                                                                                        Education: Advanced degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in Political Science, International Development, International Relations, Business Development, Skills Development or a relevant technical area.

Work experience: Minimum 7-10 years of professional experience designing, managing and implementing large and complex programs. Excellent knowledge and experience in budget management of multimillion funded projects. Proven work in a refugee setting is an asset. Must we willing to travel to the field (30% of time).

Language Proficiency: Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
Italian and Dutch an asset

Required skills and experiences:                                                                                                                                                      Hard Skills: Proficiency in computer e.g. MS Word, MS Power Point and Excel. Leadership, team building and organizational management skills; Ability to routinely and effectively multi-task.

Soft Skills: ability in critical thinking and creative problem solving, sound public speaking skills, professional writing, good teamwork/player, sound professional attitude and work ethic.

Additional skill and\or experience (optional):                                                                                                                            Previous work experience in East Africa (especially Uganda) and proven work in skills development for youth are assets.


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