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INTERSOS – Medical Activity Manager – Italia

INTERSOS sta selezionando un/a Medical Activity Manager da inserire nella sua operatività in Italia. Durata 6 mesi. Scadenza candidature 23/06/2022

Medical Activity Manager – Italia

INTERSOS is an independent humanitarian organization that assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and exclusion. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable people.

Terms of reference

Job Title: Medical Activity Manager

Code: SR-01-2598

Duty station: Palermo

Starting date: 11/07/2022

Contract duration: 6 months

Reporting to: Sicily Program Manager

Supervision of: Clinic and outreach staffs

Dependents: Non-family duty station

General context of the project

INTERSOS’ Migration Unit is operative in Europe with two Mobile Medical Units (MMU), providing Primary Health Care in condition of need, with two main aims: ensure health coverage to patients without proper access to local health services (migrants on the move, not integrated migrants, seasonal workers, marginalised individuals or communities) and catalyse better and more inclusive approaches by the Local Agencies for Health with a strong local institutional advocacy and a widespread grassroots movements networking.

According to SISTAN (National Statistical System), foreign citizens living in Italy have now exceeded 5 million since 2014, and now represent more than 8% of the resident population in Italy. Among the metropolitan cities of the South, Palermo is in 10th place, among those with the highest incidence of foreigners in the social fabric. In fact, in 2020 25,445 foreigners (equal to 4% of the total population) living in the city, coming from 132 different countries, of which the first five (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Romania, Ghana and Philippines), alone, cover almost the two thirds of the total number of foreigners present. The largest community is currently that of Bangladesh, with its 5,341 residents, accounting for 21% of the total number of foreigners present.

From an economical point of view, the Sicilian Region records the lowest average income at national level, given that crossed with the Gini index (which measures the inequality in the distribution of income or even wealth) is even more worrying as it indicates that in any case, the segment of the population below the average income is much larger due to a greater concentration of resources in a smaller number of the Sicilian population. The income situation is in some way a mirror of the unemployment rate recorded in Sicily, equal to 20.01%, even higher if we consider female unemployment.

From the analysis of the ISTAT data collected as of 01/01/2020 in relation to the Sicilian population, some processes emerge that confirm the trends already highlighted in the last decade regarding the structure of the population. The reduction in the birth rate and on the other hand the increase in the old-age index, combined with the increase in the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed, have produced a constant increase in the absolute and relative poverty index, such that there are about 3,000 homeless people in Palermo, of which about 52% are foreigners and migrants.

In the face of a progressive reduction of the indigenous population, there is an increase in resident foreigners, which stands at + 4.9% per year and which must be considered in the planning of social policies, especially for initiatives aimed at integration and cohesion. social.

From the result of an analysis produced by the INTERSOS team on the city of Palermo, it emerges that the main gap for the population without regular residence permits or residence permits but without regular registration with the SSR, appears to be socio-health information, prevention, and access to primary care, linked to a limited presence in the territory of low-threshold services, or obstacles to accessibility by the beneficiaries.

General purpose of the position

Ensure the delivery of quality medical care for patients and their communities and improve the global health conditions of the targeted population. Empower the inclusivity of local agency for health, provide orientation to public services to neglect patients.

Coordinate the work of INTERSOS Clinic and INTERSOS outreach team in Palermo, provide PHC in autonomy in the clinic and in outreach, continuously assesses project’s impact, develop the operational network, ensure quality health promotion activity, organize the activity of medical volunteers, and links to local medical institutions.

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • Responsible for defining, implementing and updating the medical content of the INTERSOS activities in Palermo, defining in coordination with Europe Medical Referent priorities and resources needed in order to cover the medical and humanitarian needs of the population at risk;
  • Responsible for the appropriateness and quality of medical interventions conducted by INTERSOS in Palermo and being expected to identify and work on removing barriers to better patient safety, effective medical care, and better patient-centred activities;
  • Continuously monitor the medical and humanitarian needs in the Palermo medical activities, participation in reviewing project proposals, determining necessary resources;
  • Responsible for the supervision and monitoring of the medical technical aspects in Palermo medical activities, to be regularly reported to Europe Medical Referent, analysing difficulties during the implementation and reporting deviations as they appear, in order to proactively provide the necessary solutions and achieve operational results
  • Responsible for defining and sizing other resources needed by Palermo operational medical activities (pharmacy and medical equipment management in collaboration with Europe Medical referent and logistics) and related timelines, respecting INTERSOS procedures and protocols. Ensuring preparation of all Palermo medical orders in collaboration with the Logistics Department and the submission of all medical purchase requests. Being accountable for the proper management of the pharmacy in the Mission, including projects. Provide reports on the mission’s evolution from the medical perspective, as required
  • Represent INTERSOS before local medical authorities and guarantee constant presence and active participation to the regional health coordination fora (clusters meetings, GrIS, other technical coordination meetings) and keep regular contact with other counterparts in the mission (NGOs, local organizations, donors, authorities) in order to broaden the medical-humanitarian situation analysis, strengthening the impact of the medical intervention and supporting advocacy actions
  • Provides PHC in autonomy in Palermo Clinic and in the outreach activity, supported by local staff, rising awareness of patients on health, social and labour, with a careful attention on the criticalities in the area, complying with project’s security recommendations (i.e. CPP), is responsible for equipment, medical stock, and for the mobile clinic/vehicle when used;
  • Act a referral on vulnerable cases, with particular attention to women and minors in need;
  • Guarantee quality coordination of roving volunteers in Palermo clinic (e.g. gynaecologist, nutritional doctor, psychiatric, psychologists…)
  • Provides health promotion as evaluated in teamwork with Europe Medical referent;
  • Helps in establishing higher standards of assistance in “hard to reach” population in the PHS, acting with politeness and keeping harmony between operative partners:
  • Participates in assigned activities planning, implementation, and reporting; participates in the collection of medical information (reports, articles, meetings) and data (statistics, epidemiological data);
  • On the request of the Medical Referent or the Sicily program coordinator, carries out extra tasks (Participation in medical assessments, reinforcement for a field team, project evaluation);
  • Assumes the duty of protecting confidential information about the beneficiaries to ensure professional confidentiality, and to keep INTERSOS documents as internal and confidential.

Required profile and experience


  • Italian medicine degree with registration to Italian doctors’ association.​

Professional Experience

  • Working experience in Primary Health Care;
  • Working experience with asylum seekers and / or migrants on the move;
  • Coordination experience in humanitarian sector is desirable.

Professional Requirements

  • Humanitarian coordination experience desirable.
  • Professional experience of PHC carried out autonomously, excellent knowledge of Italian National Health System and its rule of access;
  • Knowledge of Italian seasonal work laws, and asylum seeking laws;
  • Experience in reproductive health and/or pediatrics desirable;
  • Experience in health promotion desirable;
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet).


  • Italian mother tongue and proficient in English.
  • Good French desirable.

Personal Requirements

  • Teamwork, maximum flexibility, commitment, intercultural sensitivity, Stress Management.
  • Driving license B.


Interested candidates are invited to apply following the link below:

Please note that our application process is made of 3 quick steps: register (including your name, email, password, citizenship and Skype address), sign-up and apply by attaching your CV and motivation letter in PDF format. Through the platform, candidates will be able to track their applications’ history with INTERSOS. In case you encounter severe difficulties applying through the platform, you can send an email attaching your CV and motivation letter (both in PDF version) via email to, with subject line: “Platform issue – SR-01-2598-Medical Activity Manager”.

Please also mention the name, position and contact details of at least two references, including the line manager during your last job. Family members are to be excluded.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.


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