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AICS – International Programme Technical Coordinator – Libia

AICS sede di Tunisi sta selezionando un/a International Programme Technical Coordinator da inserire nella sua operatività in Libia . Durata 12 mesi. Scadenza candidature 24/11/2022

The Programme Technical Coordinator (Team Leader) provides support to the AICS Regional Representative with regards to the implementation of the Action, and reports to him/her. The Team Leader shall be responsible for the technical management of the activities provided for in Annex I “Description of the Action” of the Delegation Agreement. He/she coordinates, from a technical point of view, the Programme Management Unit (PMU) in order to carry out the required activities and achieve the expected results.

In particular, the Team Leader will:

  1. Support the AICS Regional Representative in the programme strategic management and in coordinating with the EU Delegation and EUTF Management, AICS Rome, Libyan counterparts, and international partners and stakeholders at policy level;
  2. Coordinate partners and stakeholders’ relationships, including liaison with the EU Delegation/Headquarters, joint programming with UNDP and UNICEF, and support to Programme Governing Bodies and the concerned Libyan stakeholders at central and local level (e.g. Ministries and municipal authorities);
  3. Lead the interaction between the PMU and (i) implementing partners/service providers, with regards to programmatic and security matters; (ii) Libyan central and local authorities to expedite operations (e.g. approval/clearance); and (iii) AICS with regard to administrative, procurement, legal, and financial compliance;
  4. Formulate and implement the Operational Plan of activities based on the provisions of Annex I “Description of the Action” of the Agreement – including: Programme operation and monitoring, implementation of grants and outsourced services, progress/interim reporting, relevant follow up action, and payment requests – under the supervision of the AICS Regional Representative, and in close collaboration with the PMU team members, particularly with the Compliance Officer;
  5. Coordinate PMU operations, including (i) technical reporting (e.g. Quarterly Information Notes, Annual reports and final reports to be presented to the EU Delegation), in close cooperation with the Compliance Officer for the financial part, (ii) preparation of Action related documents and contracts, as well as  various terms of reference comprising those related to the selection of the other technical experts (short and long term), and the calls for grant awards; (iii) processing of tenders for service contracts and calls for proposals for grant awards, including preparation of tenders’ technical specifications (according to the EU thresholds); (iv) interaction with grantees and service providers during contract execution; and, (v) initiate technical activities as Operational Initiator, in collaboration with the Programme Officers;
  6. Coordinate external technical assistance activities (e.g., capacity building, institutional development), and provide technical inputs during evaluation missions by external evaluators and by the Commission;
  7. Provide technical advice to the AICS Regional Representative, in collaboration with the Compliance Officer and in consultation with the relevant AICS and Embassy officials in Tunis and Tripoli for: (i) the correct implementation of financial and procurement processes; (ii) log frame, workplan and budget monitoring and possible revisions; (iii) internal and external audit/monitoring/evaluation missions;
  8. Manage, in close collaboration with the Compliance Officer, the correct implementation of the budget of the Action in accordance with the directives of the AICS Regional Representative, and under the supervision of the Administrative Office, as well as provide assistance during audit procedures (both internal and external);
  9. Coordinate the implementation of the Communication and Visibility Plan of the Action, in consultation with the relevant AICS and Embassy officials in Tunis and Tripoli, and in collaboration with the PMU Communication and Visibility Officer, in accordance with the directives of the AICS Regional Representative. Promote communication and information activities, and assist the AICS Regional Representative in media relations, and in organising launch/closure seminars related to the Action and the visits by the EU Delegation and other institutions, in order to facilitate the dissemination of good practice in relation to other projects managed by other Donors and/or the EU Delegation.
  10. Perform other relevant activities as required.

Prohibition to engage in other activities: The selected candidate must not have carried out, during the last three years, any business activity in the country of service, or be in a situation of conflict, even potential, of interests that undermine the impartial exercise of the functions, as provided for in Article 53 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 165 of 2001, referred to in Law No. 190 of 2012 and by the AICS Code of Ethics and Conduct referred to in point 7 below. The Administration reserves the right to verify, under penalty of exclusion, the compliance of what has been declared in this regard by the selected candidate.


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