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COOPI – Pre-feasibility study consultancy – Sud Sudan

COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale sta selezionando un/a Pre-feasibility study consultancy da inserire nella sua operatività in Sudan del Sud . Durata 3 mesi. Scadenza candidature 06/03/2023

COOPI is looking for a Pre-feasibility study consultant in South Sudan

COOPI is not operative in South Sudan since 2010. The consultancy is to assess the current situation in order to define humanitarian gaps.

Purpose of the role

To identify opportunities and possible strategic positioning for the launch of COOPI activities in South Sudan in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Therefore COOPI is expecting the:

  • Identification of funding opportunities of the main donors in the country;
  • Definition of sectoral interventions and identification of the main activities to be carried out in the country also in relation to the presence of other actors in the humanitarian sector

The results will be presented with the delivery of one or more documents in charge of the collaborator:

  • Discursive analysis document covering each of the above themes;
  • Maps with geographical indications;
  • Any document and information that may be useful in terms of starting the interventions;
  • Final mission report to be delivered to COOPI with a list of contacts and any information useful to give continuity to the following phases.

Main responsibilities

The implementation of the consultancy involves the following activities:

  • Context: conduct a general analysis aimed at objectively understanding the economic, social and political context with a view to a potential inclusion of COOPI in terms of emergency response and resilience;
  • Donors analysis: identification of the all donors present in the country and define a list of potential funders according to the sector of intervention;
  • Institutional stakeholders and local NGOs: establishing initial contacts with official and unofficial institutional presences still in terms of completing analysis and in key of a forthcoming collaboration; analysis of the presence of local actors including local NGOs that can help to complete the framework of the context and that possibly in the future may be involved in a humanitarian, economic and social development intervention;
  • Analysis of needs and sectoral intervention: analysis of a working hypothesis (sector, beneficiaries, geographical area of intervention) that takes into account the area of intervention of the potential local institutional counterpart and other possible international actors;
  • Security: a general analysis by geographical area and tools to be used for of any future interventions;
  • Preliminary investments for launching the mission in the country: general analysis of the registration procedures in the country, of the activities and of the costs needed for the start of logistical operations;
  • Representation of COOPI: representing COOPI in a productive way in relations with local partners, donors and institutional stakeholders.



  • At least 5 years of relevant field experience in humanitarian or early recovery programs;
  • Sound knowledge of international donors procedures;
  • Excellent reporting writing skills;
  • Able to manage a high workload and meet tight deadlines;
  • Proactive aptitude in terms of planning and coordination with different bodies, institutions and reference points;
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking capacity;
  • English mandatory (excellent level written and spoken);
  • Adequate resilience to stress, positive thinking and solution-oriented.


  • Previous experience in the Country or in the region is an asset;
  • Fluency in Italian language.

We reserve the right to close the vacancy prior to the application closing date, once a sufficient number of applications have been received.
Please note that only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Interviews will be conducted on rolling basis and the vacancy will be closed when filled, thanks for understanding.

Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) is an Italian humanitarian non-governmental organization founded in Milan in 1965. For more than 50 years of long-term support and constant presence in the field, COOPI has been engaged in breaking the cycle of poverty and responding to specific emergencies in numerous sectors, including Food Security, Humanitarian Aid, Health, Socio-Economical Services, Water and Sanitation, Human Rights, Education and Training, Migrations and Sustainable Energy.


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