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VIS – Valutatore esterno progetto – Albania

VIS sta selezionando un/a Valutatore esterno per un progetto realizzato in partenariato con CELIM in Albania . Durata 2 mesi. Scadenza candidature 23/02/2023

Terms of Reference for the final evaluation of the projects:

GREEN coAL-ITion: Eco-sustainable Development for Albanian mountain-countryside natural capital – Lot 1: CIG 81366342CA

and BLUE coal-ITion: Eco-sustainable Development for Albanian coast-sea natural capital” – Lot 2: CIG 8136669FA8

Co-funded by AICS Tirana under the Call for Proposals “Pilot Actions of the initiative NaturAlbania” – Reference: 49/2019.

1.1 Presentation of VIS

VIS – International Volunteering for Development – is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which works in the sector of international solidarity and cooperation, an organization for education that work in favour of the most vulnerable youth. VIS received the accreditation by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in accordance with the Law n.49 of the 1987) in 1991, for the implementation of projects of International cooperation and development. VIS is supported by CNOS (National Centre for Salesian Works) and is a secular organization that contributes to the traditional social engagement of the Salesians in Italy and in the southern countries of the World, pursuing its institutional goals and drawing inspiration from the Don Bosco’s preventive system and the Salesian educational practices. In 2009, VIS has been granted the special consultative status from the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), obtaining the possibility as well to participate to the Commissions, Work Groups and to the UN Human Rights Council, which foresees a universal monitoring mechanism concerning all the countries. In the less developed countries, VIS operates mainly in the educational and vocational training sector, with international cooperation programs, through an integrated approach and promoting human rights, in particular the rights of children, youth and women. In Italy, in Europe and in the less developed countries, VIS believes in the promotion of an integrated development of the people, through a humane, social and cultural education.

1.2 Presentation of CELIM

CELIM is an NGO registered in the OSC list (art. 26 L. n. 125/2014). Founded in 1954, in 1971 it became an independent association recognised by MAECI. Today CELIM is present in 9 countries in Africa (Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia), the Caribbean (Haiti), the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia) and the Middle East (Lebanon and Turkey). It also has stable and active partnerships in Bolivia, Brazil, Jordan, Myanmar and Senegal, where it works as technical support to public authorities and CSOs in EU co-funded projects. CELIM works in the fields of environmental conservation, sustainable urban development, renewable energy, agriculture, responsible tourism, local business development, health, humanitarian aid and migration. CELIM has been registered in Albania since 1999. until 2016 it had its HQ in Shkodra and working between Shkodra, Lezhe and Kukes, it worked on vocational training and entrepreneurship for youth and women, sustainable agriculture development, renewable energy in agriculture and environment. Since 2016 he has moved his HQ to Vlora, where he works with environmental projects both within the protected areas of south-central Albania and in urban areas.  CELIM’s projects in Albania have been funded over the years by MAECI (now AICS), the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region, and the Italian Episcopal Conference.

2.1 Presentation of the GREEN co-AL-ITion project

Overall objective of the project is “to contribute to the sustainable development of the Albanian natural capital, by strengthening the capacity of local institutions in the management of natural protected areas, with a focus on sustainable environmental tourism and transfer of know-how.

The Pilot action of the project, are the following:


iOC 1: To define a framework for a sustainable safeguarding and management of the environmental ecosystem of the Vjosa river.


iOC 2: To improve and increase the hosting structures in mountainous protected areas.


iOC 3: To improve the production of local food products through an overarching framework and marketing activities.


iOC 4: To strengthen the capacities of Institutions and local communities to efficiently manage the main forest formations of Albania.


iOC 5: To define a replicable model to assess natural capital and underline its economic value in Albanian protected wetlands.

Lead Applicant: VIS

Co-applicants: Centro Laici Italiani per le Missioni – CELIM; CESVI Foundation

Total Budget: 336.031,36 EUR 

Location of the project: Albania, Municipalities of Permet, Gjirokaster, Vlore, Tirane, Shkoder, Malesi e Madhe

Duration of the project: 24 months (plus 7 months no cost extension)

Date of beginning: 1st September 2020

Date of closure: 31st March 2023

2.2 Presentation of the BLUE co-AL-ITion project

Overall Objective: Into the frame of the Albania’s EU accession process, to contribute to the sustainable development and management of Albanian natural capital.

Specific Objective: In line with the Italian and Mediterranean best practices, to strengthen the role of Albanian national and regional institutions and of local communities in the management of water areas (lagoons, lakes, rivers, seas) in terms of integration of environmental and biodiversity protection with the development of historical, cultural and traditional aspects of sustainable tourism in the Albanian National Parks and Protected Landscapes identified among Natura 2000’s network natural sites, specifically:

• Vlora Bay,

• Sazan-Karaburun Marine Park,

• Karaburun Natural Park,

•Zvernec village and VjosaNarta Lagoon Protected Landscape,

• Porto Palermo,

• Divjake Karavasta National Park,

• Shkodra Lake National Park.

Outcomes of the project:

Outcome CS1 – Capacity and measures for the conservation of Caretta Caretta and Chelonia mydas sea turtles in the Sazan-Karaburun Marine Park, the Karaburun Natural Park and the Vjosa-Narta Protected Landscape are improved.

Outcome CS2 – The military history of Vlora Bay and Protected Landscape of the Vjosa-Narte lagoon is promoted in the touristic tours.

Outcome CS3 – A Sustainable development plan for Porto Palermo and surrounding coastal areas are drafted and priority action is identified and implemented.

Outcome CS 4 – Eco-sustainable blue tourism is developed for the protected areas and landscapes characterized by water bodies, specifically in Shkodra Lake National Park, Divjake-Karavasta National Park, Karaburun and Vjosa-Narta Lagoon.

Outcome CS 5 – A pilot plan for lagoon system management is elaborated in Zvernec lagoon.

Lead Applicant: CELIM

Co-applicants: Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo – VIS; CESVI Foundation.

Total Budget: 343,310 EUR 

Location of the project: Albania, Municipalities of Vlore, Himara, Fier, Shkoder.

Duration of the project: 24 months (plus 7 months no cost extension)

Date of beginning: 1st September 2020

Date of closure: 31st March 2023

3. Presentation of the evaluation 

The evaluation must allow to capitalize on the various lesson learnt through the projects and help orient the actions of the NGOs. The choice of an external evaluation was made in order to ensure independence, impartiality and credibility of the process.

The projects, which are the subject of the present evaluation, were designed to contribute to the enhancement and sustainable development of Albanian natural capital in the EU accession process, strengthening the management capacity of the Albanian institutions in protecting and enhancing the environment and biodiversity, through the sustainable management of natural parks and protected marine areas, areas of naturalistic value and rural environment and the promotion of sustainable environmental tourism, in line with the Italian and Mediterranean best practices.

The priority of the NaturAlbania initiative is the integration of eco-systemic goods and services into national strategies and plans/programs aimed at ensuring the conservation and durable use of natural capital (soil, air, water, plant and animal species, forests, protected areas), incorporating this objective into the planning tools, programs and sector policies of Albanian institutions.

The objective of the present evaluation is to examine and evaluate the results achieved by the projects, as well as its impact and sustainability as a whole program for the Country.

The evaluation will focus on the critical analysis of the whole project cycle, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, limitations and acquired experiences, considering and focusing on the interconnections created within the NaturAlbania programme.

In particular, the evaluation shall allow to assess:

  1. The relevance and coherence of the global strategy (objectives, used methods and actions implemented);
  2. The efficacy of the actions (comparing envisaged results, results achieved and indicators) and the quality of the management;
  3. The perception of the actions by the beneficiaries and local and institutional partners, in particular the role that these entities have played in the project;
  4. The efficiency of the projects (analysis of the relation between used means and results achieved)
  5. The positive and negative effects produced upon the beneficiaries (communitarian dynamics, strengthening of the capacities of the actors, involvement of public institutions, etc…);
  6. The sustainability of the projects (the durability of the positive effects produced), especially the capacity of the local actors to ensure ownership of the activities and results of the project.

Among other things, the evaluation shall highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the whole NaturAlbania action starting from the various points listed above and the main lessons that can be learned from it.

4. Methodology

Preparation: at this stage, the methodology shall integrate at the same time the analysis of the project documents that will be provided by VIS and CELIM (in particular, project document, activity reports, planning tools, logical frameworks and operational plans). It is also foreseen a session of preliminary work with VIS and CELIM staff involved in the project implementation.

Mission/Evaluation in Albania:  Inquiries and discussions with VIS Albania staff, CELIM and CESVI staff, local partners, project implementation team, target groups, local authorities, technical and institutional partners and private sector.

5. Reporting modalities:

The outputs expected are:

1) A provisory report (draft) in English, concluding the assessment, to be submitted to VIS (for GREEN CoAL-ITion project) and CELIM (for BLUE CoAL-ITion project) ten days before the return (in electronic version with Word format) ;

2) The final report, integrating the observations made on the provisory version, will be electronically sent to VIS (for GREEN CoAL-ITion project) and CELIM (for BLUE CoAL-ITion project). This final report shall include:

 a) a recap of the methodology used for both the projects.

b) the observations and results of the evaluation according to the terms defined above with the analysis of the impact and the perception of the beneficiaries, the institutions and other actors involved in the sector for each project;

c) the perspective and conditions of sustainability of the projects;

d) concrete recommendations (related to observations and results of the evaluation) for each project and for the whole NaturAlbania programme;

Finally, an executive summary mentioning, after a brief overview, the main conclusions and recommendations. 

The results and the recommendations of the evaluation will be made public and will be sent to the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Tirana Office, donor of this project.

6. Eligibility criteria

– The external evaluator can be a an agency, an organization or a single expert with a solid professional background (minimum 5 years) in project monitoring and evaluation;

– Skills required are:

  1. Technical expertise in the evaluation of development projects/programmes in the Western Balkans (preferably in Albania);
  2. Technical expertise in project/programme evaluation funded by institutional donors (preferably AICS or EU);
  3. In-depth knowledge of issues related to the sectors of environment, rural development and sustainable tourism;
  4. Albanian language will be considered an added value.

7. Budget and Contract 

The evaluator shall propose a provisional estimate according to the number of days on site and his fees for a maximum total amount of 6.000 EUR, 3.000 EUR under GREEN Co-AL-ITion project and 3.000 EUR under BLUE Co-AL-ITion project. The budget shall include: all costs related to the mission in the field, salaries/fees, and any other costs.

Two different contracts will be signed up by the contractor, one with VIS under GREEN Co-AL-ITion project and one with CELIM under BLUE Co-AL-ITion project. The two contracts will include the same conditions of operations and payments.

8. Selection criteria

The evaluator is invited, on the basis of these terms of reference, to present technical and financial proposals for carrying out the evaluation. The selection will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. presentation of the problem and understanding of the subject;
  2. proposed methodological approach;
  3. qualifications, experiences and skills of the experts;
  4. economic offer;
  5. time schedule for the performance of the service.

The evaluation will be conducted jointly by VIS and CELIM.

9. Calendar

The evaluation mission shall be conducted starting from the first week of March 2023. The final report shall be finalized by the 20th of April 2023.

10. How to apply 

The proposal shall include:

  1. A technical offer including: a) the expertise and experiences of consultants in the fields covered by this project, b) understanding of the issues of this evaluation and the terms of reference, c) the proposed methodology;
  2. A financial offer.
  3. CV of the Evaluator/s

Submissions are to be sent by one email to both the NGOs at the attention of:, object: 2070 Evaluation Albania

CELIM: to the attention of Mr. Alessandro Salimei, CELIM Head of the International Programmes by 23rd of February 2023 , 16:30 Italian time


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