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IOM – Consulente di Fundraising – Italia

IOM – Organizzazione Internazionale per le Migrazioni sta selezionando un/a Consulente di Strategic Planning da inserire nella sua operatività in Italia. Scadenza candidature 01/04/2023

Call for Curricula for a position as Consultant
Fundraising Consultant to support the A.MI.CO. Program’s initiatives
CFCV 2023 08 EXT

Category B Consultancy – The selected consultant will develop a thematic written module (max 10 pages), in Italian, on fundraising for diaspora organizations with particular relation to: one-to-many and corporate fundraising. He/she will be responsible for the following activities:
• Attend one preliminary coordination meeting with IOM team (either in presence or online);
• Perform a remote need assessment involving diaspora organizations to understand their needs in term of fundraising and present data results to IOM;
• Develop a draft table of content based on the needs collected among associations;
• Draft a first version of module in Italian for IOM revision and comments;
• Develop a final version of the module based on IOM feedback and comments;
• Present the content and the module structure in the framework of an internal meeting involving IOM and key stakeholders.

Performance indicators for the evaluation of results:
• 1 need assessment performed
• 1 thematic module developed

Interested candidates shall submit:
• A Curriculum Vitae in English, including two references contacts;
• A technical proposal for the achievement of the above mentioned outputs;
• A financial offer (please do not include travel costs);
• Copy of previous relevant materials (if available).
to the following e-mail address: within 01.04.2023, specifying as subject: CFCV 2023 08 EXT
Only pre-selected candidates will be further contacted for the interview.


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