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AICS – Technical Administrative Assistant – Giordania

AICS sede di AMMAN sta selezionando un/a Technical-Administrative Assistant da inserire nella sua operatività in Giordania. Durata 12 mesi. Tipo contratto: Tempo det. Scadenza candidature 31/05/2023


Profile: Technical-Administrative Assistant, Professional Level: Expert – Low 2 – “Fondo dicoordinamento e gestione dei programmi di resilienza e sviluppo sociale della cooperazione italiana inGiordania in risposta alla crisi siriana” – AID 11383”.


Professional Profile: Technical-Administrative Assistant, Professional Level: Expert – Low 2.

Duty station: Amman, Jordan, with possible travel in the country and to the relevant offices of the AICS Amman Headquarters.

Contract type: Fixed-term contract as per local legislation in Jordan, in compliance with the fundamental principles of the Italian legislation.

Gross Annual Remuneration: 34.517,48 Euro. The gross remuneration does not include the indemnities “cost/quality of life” and “increase due to risk” to be added if applicable.

The remuneration is defined according to the criteria established by the following documents:

”Criteri e modalita’ per la selezione di personale non appartenente alla pubblica amministrazione e da assumere con contratto di diritto privato a tempo determinato disciplinato dal diritto locale”;

Resolution “CC n. 101 of 19 November 2019”;

AICS Director Provision n. 16343 of 12/12/2019;

AICS Director “Determina n. 28/2021”.

Duration: 12 months, renewable in accordance with local legislation, including the three-month probation period.

Expected start: at the end of the selection process.

Objective: The selected candidate will be responsible for ensuring the necessary administrative-accounting support for the proper management and administrative, economic and financial monitoring of the humanitarian aid initiatives implemented by AICS Amman in cooperation with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Job description: Under the supervision of the Head of AICS Amman and in coordination with the Team Leader of the humanitarian aid initiatives, the selected candidate will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • Provide review of administrative-financial reporting submitted by CSOs;
  • Provide adequate support to CSOs in the administrative-accounting management of projects funded by AICS;
  • Provide adequate support to CSOs in the administrative-accounting management of projects funded by AICS;
  • Provide the necessary technical administrative-accounting support to the management of the initiatives financed by the Italian Cooperation;
  • Provide adequate support for the execution of selection procedures (Call for Proposals) of nonprofit entities;
  • Collaborate in the definition of standard operating procedures and models for the technical-administrative management and monitoring of the initiatives financed by the Italian Cooperation in accordance with the provisions of the law and the general guidelines developed by AICS;
  • Provide technical-administrative support during selection procedures for the purchase of goods and implementation of works;
  • Collaborate on accounting data entry into AICS computer systems;
  • Any specific additional tasks, as requested by the Head of AICS Amman.

Prohibition to engage in other activities: The selected candidate must not have carried out, during the last three years, any business activity in the country of service, or be in a situation of conflict, even potential, of interests that undermine the impartial exercise of the functions, as provided for in Article 53 of Legislative Decree no. 165 of 2001, referred to in Law No. 190 of 2012 and by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of AICS. The Administration reserves the right to verify, under penalty of exclusion, the compliance of what has been declared in this regard by the selected candidate.


Candidates will be considered eligible for selection based on the following essential requirements, to be fulfilled by the deadline for applications:

a) Age limit for retirement varies according to the social security scheme (local or Italian) actually applied to the employee based on the relevant subjective position;
b) Being medically fit for employment;
c) To have acquired the academic qualification required by the selection notice, as indicated at Art. 2.1;
d) To have acquired the professional experience required by the selection notice, as indicated at Art. 2.1;

e) knowledge of English language at level B2 and above of the European Framework;
f) knowledge of Arabic language at level B1 and above of the European Framework;
g) knowledge and consistent effective use of the main Microsoft Office applications;

The requirements set out in this Article shall be met throughout the duration of the contract.

2.1 Essential Requirements

a) University degree or other title equivalent to EQF 6 according to the European Qualifications Framework, in International Cooperation Sciences, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Business Administration. Other Master’s degrees of the same level will be considered if supported
by a qualified professional experience in the sector of intervention of at least 3 years.
b) At least 3 years of professional experience in reviewing administrative and financial reports for Humanitarian and/or Development initiatives implemented by NGOs and/or International Organizations and/or Donor Agencies.

2.2 Preferred requirements

Additional educational qualifications:
a) Academic qualifications relevant for the assignment, additional to the qualification required by the
selection notice as specified at Art. 2.1 paragraph a);


b) Knowledge of the English language above the level indicated at Art 2. paragraph e).
c) Knowledge of the Arabic language above the level indicated at Art 2. paragraph f)
d) Knowledge of Italian language level B1 and above of the European Framework

Professional experience:

e) Previous professional experience related to the humanitarian sector exceeding what required at Art. 2.1. paragraph b).
f) Previous professional experience in the MENA Region(1) with International Agencies and/or donors and/or Non- Governmental Organizations.
g) Knowledge and previous experience in the application of procedures relating to the awarding of supply, service or work contracts pursuant to PRAG and or Legislative Decree 50/2016 and the Decree of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 192/17.
h) Professional experience of 1 year or more in administrative-accounting reporting related to projects funded by DGCS/MAECI-AICS.

Other qualifications or professional skills:

i) Other specialization courses not configurable as qualifications referred to at Art. 2.1 paragraph a) relevant for the purpose of the assignment.


3.1. Legally binding statement

In the application, drawn up in the form of a self-declaration of certification pursuant to the art. 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445 of 8.12.2000, candidates must declare under their own responsibility:
a) Surname, name, date and place of birth;
b) Residence;
c) Citizenship;
d) Full enjoyment of political and civil rights;
e) Absence of convictions for any criminal offence and absence of any pending criminal and
accounting offences both in Italy and abroad;
f) Not to have been dismissed, dispensed, declared lapsed or fired from employment in a public
administration, both in Italy and abroad;
g) Being medically fit for employment.

Any false declaration will incur penal sanctions according to article 76 of Italian D.P.R. 28.12.2000, n. 445. as subsequently amended, facing immediate termination of employment and loss of any wrongfully obtained benefit.

3.2 Annexes

The application shall also include:

1) Motivation letter in Italian or English dated and signed;
2) Copy of valid passport/ID card;
3) Curriculum vitae in Europass format, in Italian or English, dated and signed including authorization to process personal data, with a precise time indication of the professional experience relevant to this notice, without overlapping;
4) Self-declaration as per paragraph 3.1 dated and signed.

The applicant should also provide a telephone number, a home address and an email for communications.
The applicant must communicate any changes occurring after the submission of the application for this vacancy. The applications, duly dated and signed, should be submitted in non-modifiable pdf format by 31st May 2023 at 13:00 (Amman time) to the following email address:
The subject of the email must contain the vacancy announcement Code: 11383/AICSAMMAN/2023. Please note that only complete applications received within the deadline will be accepted and considered.


The following will determine exclusion from the selection procedure:

a) Applications lacking any of the essential eligibility requirements;
b) Applications received after the deadline stated in this announcement and not following terms and modality set out in the present announcement;
c) Application documents not signed.


Once the terms of validity of the notice have elapsed, the Head of AICS Office in Amman assesses the admissibility of the applications regarding the presence of the essential requirements and the absence of causes for exclusion. The exclusion is communicated to the candidates.

Subsequently, a selection committee composed by three members appointed according to art. 2 of the document approved by the Delibera n.101 of the Joint Committee n.101 evaluates applications by assigning a maximum overall score of 100 points according to the following criteria:

QUALIFICATIONS: max 70 points

– Additional academic titles than the obligatory one: up to 10 points.
– Language skills: up to 10 points;
– Professional experience: up to 40 points;
– Other qualifications of professional skills: up to 10 points.

INTERVIEW: max 30 points

Candidates who score at least 40 points, in the assessment of qualifications, are invited for an interview.

A maximum score of 30 points can be attributed. The interview will be carried out through audio/video connection, or at the premises of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Amman. The interview shall be held in the languages indicated in the vacancy announcement and shall assess the applicant’s knowledge and experience, languages skills, his or her ability to carry out the position and any other skills deemed necessary to assess the candidate’s profile in relation to the post to be filled.

The invitation for an interview is sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the candidate in the application.

Applicants are not entitled to reimbursement of any costs incurred in connection with the interview. Following the interview process, a list of candidates is prepared including only candidates with an overall score of not less than 60% of the maximum attributable points (60 points).


The candidate with the highest score in the ranking list is declared the winner. S/he is informed by email or any other appropriate means.

The ranking list remains valid for one year and can be extended for another year for motivated needs related to the implementation of the initiative. In case of a decline by the winning candidate or an early termination of the contract, the office reserves the right to appoint another candidate from the ranking list

– if the necessary financial resources are available.

In the event of equal scoring, the youngest candidate will be preferred. The ranking list is published on AICS and AICS Amman Office websites.


The submission of applications by a candidate implies consent to the processing of their personal data, including sensitive data, by personnel assigned to the custody and storage of applications and to their use for the purpose of the selection process. The data processor is the Head of AICS Amman.


At any stage of the selection process, AICS has the right at its complete discretion to terminate the recruitment process for organizational or financial needs.

(1) World Bank geographic classification: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates [UAE]), Algeria, Djibouti, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, the Republic of Yemen, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, and West Bank and Gaza


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