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OXFAM ITALIA – Final and Ex-Post External Evaluation – Libano

OXFAM ITALIA sta selezionando un/a Service Provider Final and Ex-Post External Evaluation da inserire nella sua operatività in Italia e Libano. Durata 8 mesi. Tipo contratto: Consulenza Scadenza candidature 09/08/2023

ONG: Oxfam Italia
Posizione: Service Provider Final and Ex-Post External Evaluations
Paese: Lebanon
Sede: Remote with field mission in Lebanon
Contract: Consultancy
Duration: 8 months
Deadline for applications: August 9th 2023

Oxfam Italia is launching a tender for the recruitment of a Service Provider for Final and Ex-Post External Evaluation of the SEE Change project implemented in Lebanon. Duration: 8 months. Deadline for application: 09/08/2023

“Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Change” – SEE Change project is a 3-year EU funded project implemented in five different areas in Lebanon (Bekaa, Nabatieh, Jezzine, North, and Mount Lebanon) and aimed to increase the impact of social entrepreneurial activities in the country creating employment and social stability opportunities while supporting the local economy.

The project it is now in final stages and approaching the closure and phasing out by mid- December 2023. Considering the importance to assess whether the action has been successful in achieving its expected results, there is a need to undertake a comprehensive evaluation process to analyze the project’s performance and the potential impact. This important project step is intended to assess whether the targets and results have been achieved within the project timeframe, including the mid-term and long-term effects generated and to get useful learnings from the implementation of the project. For this purpose, Oxfam is looking for a consultative firm or a research center (henceforth provider) with relevant experience and expert skill in conducting this service.

The consultancy consists of two different tasks: the first is the final external evaluation and the second is the ex-post evaluation of the project.

Interested candidates are invited to send their comprehensive proposals describing the work requirements outlined in the Tender (see below).

The proposal should include 2 (two) documents: a) Technical Proposal and b) Financial proposal, in Euro (refer Annex 3: Proposal and Budget format, for details). Each document should be enclosed in separate file indicating the subject.

The above-mentioned documents must be sent via email to and with the email subject: Oxfam Italia – TD 23/001/FLR-IT.

Deadline for the receipt of proposals by Oxfam: August 9th 2023 at 5h30 pm Rome (Italy) time.


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