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SAVE THE CHILDREN – Donor Readiness Expert – Italia

SAVE THE CHILDREN ITALIA ETS sta selezionando un/a Donor Readiness Expert da inserire nella sua operatività in Italia. Durata 12 mesi. Tipo contratto: Scadenza candidature 20/08/2023


The Donor Readiness Expert supports the Senior Regional Program Officers and other relevant colleagues in the timely production of materials (reports, proposals and summaries, etc) up to the standards for the given donors.

This function shall also serve as gateway for SC It communication and marketing staff and will ensure a smooth communication and exchange of programmes and portfolio information between the IP&A and the rest of the organization, guaranteeing that quality information and communication materials are developed and shared timely.

As a member of the Portfolio Department within the IP&A, the role ensures the overall “donor readiness” of any material produced and requiring a quality standard in terms of content (language, or presence/absence of Annexes, etc).

In particular the function focuses on:

  • Proposal and report review for on projects or content for Institutional donors reviewing its “donor readiness” – i.e. relevance of content towards template, language editing etc
  • Proposal, reports and any other project or programmes content for Corporate, MD and FR, as the function, in strict collaboration with the SRPO/SPO and the HoU – contributes, coordinates or directly creates content for donor specific request.
  • the creation of high quality, accurate and compelling written materials about SC It programmes, priorities and strategies.
  • smooth information and communication flows between SC IT IP&A and a variety of internal stakeholders (i.e. Marketing and fundraising, communications)
  • where necessary up-to-date, engaging information on strategic/innovative opportunities to help the fundraising and international programmes teams to engage existing and prospective partners.

In particular, for instance:

Proposal, report and other content for external stakeholders and donors

  • Supports the narrative proposal revision for “light support” proposals, or for proposals coordinated by the Portfolio directly (without the involvement of the NBD)
  • Reviews reports for institutional donors to make them donor ready (see definition above): checks for language, consistency within numbers, coherence with last proposal and report, particularly for those awards with higher Level of Effort from the Portfolio function .
  • Reviews proposals and reports for corporate/MD portfolio awards, and where needed creates ad hoc materials usable for the Mkt team.
  • Maintains a coordination and production role for the compilation of the Bulgari report in particularand any other required Corporate donor report.
  • If necessary leads on the creation high quality, accurate and compelling materials about SC It programmes, priorities and strategies.


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