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AICS – International Communication Officer – Mozambico

AICS – SEDE DI MAPUTO sta selezionando un/a International Communication Officer da inserire nella sua operatività in Mozambico. Durata 14 mesi. Tipo contratto: Tempo det. Scadenza candidature 30/09/2023

Under the overall supervision of AICS Regional Representative in Maputo, the direct supervision of the Programme Coordinator, in close collaboration with the PMU Team and in close consultation with relevant AICS and Embassy officials in Maputo, the Communication Officer will contribute to the
correct implementation of communication, visibility, reporting and external relations activities of the Italian Cooperation component of the Programme. In particular, s/he will perform the following tasks:

a) Lead the implementation and monitoring of the Programme Communications and Visibility plan, including analysis on target audiences, stakeholders and beneficiary communities;

b) Sustain partnerships with communication and public information officers at the EU Delegation, ADA, UNCDF, and Mozambican authorities as appropriate, to ensure alignmentand commonality in strategic communications around the Programme;

c) Lead the organization and the implementation of the Programme communication and visibility strategy, with reference to the local economic development component implemented by AICS;

d) Build and maintain communications partnerships and media alliances;

e) Build and maintain capacity of partners and provide technical guidance on the use of communication tools;

f) Monitor communication, visibility and knowledge management activities realized by AICS implementing partners;

g) Develop proposals and issue opinions on communication and visibility issues;

h) Manage the webpage dedicated to the delegated cooperation on the AICS Maputo Office website, in coordination with AICS HQ;

i) Lead the development, editing, production and dissemination of communication and visibility material about the Programme for internal and external communication channels, i.e. publications, proceedings of events/meetings, presentations, briefs, newsletters, brochures, factsheets, infographics, posters, banners, e-media, among others. Coordinate with external suppliers and consultants for content development, editing, production and distribution of communication products and reports, and for the organization of events;

j) Identify and use of the most effective channels for dissemination of all information products to relevant target audiences;

k) Ensuring that Programme activities are successfully supported and communicated to staff and key external stakeholders;

l) Contribute to the preparation and management of communication and visibility budgets;

m) Manage services and supplies concerning communication and visibility in coordination with the administration services;

n) Contribute to the management and improvement of the social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;

o) Produce, review, and perform quality control of all Programme external reports and official documents

p) Organize and conduct the communication and visibility component of Programme activities/events including drafting the background notes, agreeing the terms of participation with partners, media relations, preparing talking points, invitations, press-releases;

q) Draft press releases and media kits;

r) Contribute to structure the PMU internal and external communication flow and the physicalDELPAZ – Manica and Tete Sub Programme Sub-Programme for the Provinces of Manica and Tete of “DELPAZ – Local Development for the Consolidation of Peace in Mozambique” and
digital archives about the Programme, ensuring the knowledge management;

s) Ensure alignment with the data and information produced by the internal and external monitoring activity of the DELPAZ Programme;

t) Monitor the national and international press on the topic of the peace process in Mozambique and keep the AICS Maputo office informed;

u) Lead the organization of Programme-related events and meetings, with regards to the communication, visibility and outreach aspects and interaction with the press and media outlets;

v) Create synergies with communication and visibility actions and related plans/platforms carried out by AICS Maputo, including for the other delegated cooperation initiatives, and coordinate with relevant officers at AICS HQ, as well as at the Embassy in Maputo;

w) Perform any other relevant tasks as required by the AICS Regional Representative.


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