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AICS – International Administration and Finance Expert – Mozambico

AICS sede di Maputo sta selezionando un/a International Administration and Finance Expert for the Programme “VaMoz Digital! da inserire nella sua operatività in Mozambico. Durata 18 mesi. Tipo contratto: Tempo det. Scadenza candidature 15/11/2023

Under the overall supervision of AICS Regional Representative in Maputo, the direct supervision of the Programme Coordinator and the Financial Verifier, in close collaboration with other members of the Programme Management Unit (PMU) team, the International Administration and Finance Expert supports the correct legal/administrative/financial management and reporting of the Programme.

In particular, s/he will perform the following tasks:

a) Ensure proper administrative and financial implementation of the Contribution Agreement in relation to the application of the EU financial instrument of reference (NDICI) and the accounting procedures required; VaMoz Digital! – Digital Competences, Entrepreneurship and Services as Opportunities for Youth Growth in Mozambique NDICI AFRICA/2023/442-998

b) Contribute to the financial management of the EU-funding flows and assist the PMU and the Administrative Department in the following tasks: registration of inbound and outbound flows, the accounting of expenditure, financial monitoring of expenditure trends and reporting, in the dedicated accounting system(s) and elaborate related reports;

c) Initiate and coordinate procurement and grant processes in close collaboration with the Programme Coordinator, including the preparation of tender/grant procedures documentation accompanied by the relative explanatory report, in compliance with the Italian Procurement Law, AICS regulations and the Procurement and Grants for European Union External Action (PRAG);

d) Provide administrative support to the evaluation committees and prepare contracts documents accompanied by an explanatory report;

e) Ensure administrative compliance in all aspects of tender and grant contracts management;

f) Support the performance monitoring of procurement contracts and grant agreements;

g) Support the financial monitoring of grants, verify the grant beneficiaries’ financial statements and assist them in their expenditure reporting processes;

h) Contribute to the preparation of the annual and final financial reports and support the Programme Coordinator in any other administrative and financial reporting task (internal/AICS HQ and external/EU) and during the audit procedures;

i) Provide overall technical and operational support to the work of the PMU, including the preparation of technical documents and reports;

j) Contribute to partner and stakeholder relations, including liaison with the EU Delegations/Headquarters, Programme Governing Bodies, as well as with the concerned Mozambican stakeholders at central and local level;

k) Interact with companies / consultants for matters of competence and in close consultation with the Administrative Department of the AICS Regional Office, as well as interact with the EU Delegation for matters of competence;

l) Perform any other relevant task as required by the AICS Regional Representative


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