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CESVI – Livelihood Expert (Consultancy) – Ucraina

CESVI FONDAZIONE sta selezionando un/a Livelihood Expert (Consultancy) da inserire nella sua operatività in Ucraina. Durata 2 mesi. Tipo contratto: Consulenza Scadenza candidature 04/02/2024


CESVI, an international humanitarian organization, is seeking a consultancy to assess the livelihood and agriculture sector in Ukraine. The objective of the assessment is to develop a comprehensive strategy for CESVI’s interventions in the country related to livelihood rehabilitation and to formulate project proposals for sustainable livelihood and agricultural development. The assessment will provide CESVI with a clear understanding of the current challenges, opportunities, and potential interventions in the sector.


The consultancy should aim to achieve the following objectives:

a)Conduct a thorough assessment of the livelihood and agriculture sector in Ukraine, including an analysis of the current socio-economic conditions, impact of the conflict, agricultural practices, market dynamics, and policy frameworks.

b)Identify the key challenges, vulnerabilities, and opportunities within the sector, considering the needs and priorities of the local population, particularly vulnerable groups.

c)Assess the existing initiatives and interventions related to livelihood and agriculture in Ukraine, including those implemented by the UN, INGOs, and other relevant stakeholders.

d)Develop a comprehensive strategy for CESVI’s interventions in the livelihood and agriculture sector, outlining key thematic areas, goals, and approaches.

e)Formulate project proposals that align with the strategy, addressing the identified challenges and opportunities, and promoting sustainable livelihoods and agricultural practices.

f)Provide recommendations for partnerships, capacity-building initiatives, and policy advocacy efforts to support the implementation of the strategy and project proposals.

Scope of Work

The consultancy should include, but not be limited to, the following tasks:

a)Desk review: Conduct a comprehensive review of existing literature, reports, and data related to the livelihood and agriculture sector in Ukraine.

b)Stakeholder consultations: Engage with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, NGOs, farmers’ associations, and other actors working in the sector.

c)Field visits: Conduct field visits to selected locations within Ukraine to gather primary data, assess the current situation, and validate findings from the desk review.

d)Data collection and analysis: Collect relevant data and analyze it using appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods to inform the assessment and strategy development.

e)Strategy development: Based on the findings, develop a comprehensive strategy for CESVI’s interventions in the livelihood and agriculture sector, clearly outlining goals, target groups, activities, and indicators of success.

f)Project proposal development: Formulate project proposals that align with the strategy, including clear objectives, activities, budgets, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

g)Report and presentation: Prepare a comprehensive final report summarizing the assessment findings, strategy, and project proposals. Present the findings and recommendations to CESVI stakeholders.


The consultancy is expected to deliver the following:

a)Inception report: A detailed report outlining the proposed methodology, work plan, and data collection tools within two weeks of project commencement.

b)Draft assessment report: A comprehensive draft report presenting the livelihood and agriculture sector assessment findings, including the strategy and project proposals, for review and feedback.

c)Final assessment report: A revised and finalized report incorporating feedback, with clear recommendations for CESVI’s interventions in the livelihood and agriculture sector in Ukraine.

d)Project proposals: Detailed project proposals aligned with the strategy, including logical frameworks, budgets, and monitoring and evaluation plans.

The consultancy is scheduled to start in February for 2 months.


  • Degree in agricultural economics, agribusiness, business management and/or related studies
  • Extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in conducting assessments and developing strategies related to livelihood and agriculture sectors, preferably in the NGO/Humanitarian sector
  • Demonstrated expertise in project proposal development, including logical framework and results-based management approaches
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills, with the ability to present complex information clearly and concisely
  • Strong competencies in budget development and M&E tools
  • Ability to work independently, manage time effectively, and meet deadlines
  • Excellent knowledge of English (written & spoken)


  • Prior professional experience in emergency/post-emergency settings
  • Knowledge of the socio-economic dynamics, agricultural practices, and policy frameworks in Ukraine
  • Experience of working on Market System Development (MSD) within the private sector is an added value.
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian (written & spoken)


CESVI has a zero-tolerance approach to any harm to, or exploitation of, a child or a vulnerable adult by any of our staff, related persons or partners.

CESVI commitment to being a safe organization begins with the staff recruitment process which includes meticulous checks, such as criminal records checks or check disclosure of previous convictions, to ensure children and vulnerable people are safeguarded and abuse is prevented. Safeguarding checks are part of the selection process performance.


CESVI pays particular attention to safeguarding the health of all the human resources of the Organisation. Therefore, in order to protect its staff, an assessment of their suitability for the position in each mission is carried out before departure. Such assessment is done by the Occupational Doctor of the Organisation.


  • Duty Station: Kyiv with field visits country-wide
  • Contract type: Consultancy contract or other
  • Salary range: 3300 – 3500 € monthly/gross
  • 30€ per diem for every night outside the main duty station (Kyiv)
  • Guesthouse accomodation in Kyiv shared with expatriate staff
  • Transport coverage
  • Insurance coverage


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