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AICS – Manager – Egitto

AICS sede di Cairo sta selezionando un/a Manager da inserire nella sua operatività in Egitto. Durata 12 mesi. Tipo contratto: Tempo det. Scadenza candidature 07/06/2024

Manager – Medium


The Agronomist will (i.a.) support CREA experts during the implementation of the activities reported in Annex 1 of the AICS/CREA agreement, as previously mentioned. He/she will work in coordination with the Programme Manager, the Procurement/ Contract and Financial Officer and the technical team OF CREA for the technical aspects. He/she will report to the Programme Manager and act under the supervision of the Head of the AICS-Cairo.

In particular, the Agronomist will be responsible for:

1. Facilitating the smooth implementation of the activities of Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’Economia Agraria (CREA) related to the Convention between AICS and CREA;
2. performing the technical management functions related to the activities of the Programme, with a high degree of responsibility.
3. supporting, in all intervention areas, seed selection and breeding, seeds multiplication and certification, agricultural machinery activities and the development of a strategy for reducing grain losses, with a high degree of technical knowledge. 
4.  ensuring that the technical activities are aligned to the financial status of the Project in close coordination with the administrative management.
5.  the formulation of technical aspects of call for proposals and call for tenders, in agreement with AICS/EU Procedures. 
6.  acting as member of evaluation committee in case of appointment.
7.  ensuring the timely preparation of all technical and related financial information as requested by AICS and EU, 
8.  formulating and drafting in a timely manner the narrative reports of the Project to be submitted to AICS for clearance and then to EU, ensuring alignment with the financial report. 
9.  monitoring, and assessing the progress of the contracts (supply, service, and works);
10. based on the AICS regulations, acting as “Responsible of the Procedure (RUP)” in case of appointment; 
11. facilitating external evaluation (e.g. mid-term review, final review) and audit missions; 
12. liaising with the concerned stakeholders at the central and local level (e.g. line Ministries and Governorates); 
13. Coordinating expert missions, fields/labs activities, trainings, access to local infrastructures and equipment, and any other Project activity foreseen by Annex I of CREA/AICS Agreement. 
14. coordinating with the Programme Manager, the organization of meetings with counterparts, beneficiaries, entrepreneurs and other implementing agencies, with regards to the proper implementation of the programme’s activities.
15. coordinating with the Communication and Visibility Officer under the Programme Managers’ supervision the proper visibility products related to activities as per the Project’s plan. 
16. revising the technical reports of the contractors related to the agricultural and rural development activities;
17. performing any other activities as requested.


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